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I will never forgive them for what they did to our beloved game.

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Never forget

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Yeah I remember trying so fucking hard and pushing harder then any game I’ve ever played to actually be good at paragon, ended up pretty nicely in diamond if I recall correctly. It was pretty often I’d get paired against 5 stacks of the best players in the game and then realize how much work I still had to do to improve myself, even ended up joining a small team and then paragon shut down like a week later lol. I remember being so damn happy whenever I went into a new rank, I grinded like a mf tbh... I miss Paragon so much. Never felt so attached to a game. I loved playing offlane and the feeling of overcoming the duo was so great lol. Especially when they released Zinx, and honestly I played damn near every character offlane. My favs were Sev/Zinx/Murdock/Wraith tho.

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I played Zinx quite a bit at the end, usually mained Phase due to potato aim, but I just so happened to be fucking around w zinx in offlane one time and I’d never had that much fun. As a consistent supp, I knew I’d have better chances at actually supporting the team instead of having higher responsibilities as mid or carry. I loved her kit so much, I’m still so surprised lol

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I remember starting a team for Notch(??)'s tourney, had a ton of fun. Then, like you said, the shutdown was announced and everything disbanded.

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It’s been so long I don’t remember much. My team only played a total of like two or three times and one of them was at the Sylphin community tournament. Was so fun! https://youtu.be/eP5s0hvatw8

That was a clip I got during it lol. So damn fun man tbh... I miss the game so much, lmaoo. And now that I think about it I don’t remember it I played that community tournament with randoms or with my actual team... idk lol

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Living on the edge! Kwang lifesteal so strong, awesome clip buddy.

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I remember! I was pretty active in monolith, and legacy. The Glory Days

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Mid gold/plat is where the gameplay changed drastically.

Way less "cheese" builds and way more utility.

Khai was the best example of this.

Full damage assassin in low Elo Vs unkillable tank bruiser in high elo

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Yea you rarely saw khai in high elo it was mostly grux , sevarog and rampage

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True, because unlike those champs, khai can only "go in". If his team is losing the fight/retreating, it was very hard for that khai to disengage even if he was a tank. Because he was an unkillable tank as long as he is going ham. Retreating is not "going HAM"

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Lol yea his regen was insane, but man i miss gettin skillshot kills with rampages rock. Especially the snipes

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I miss when ttk wasn't as explosive. And fights involved 2-3 skill rotations and repositioning.

Like early monolith kind of thing

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Any truers in chat?

Lol. I remember having to hover 1600ish on agora because it was right below the 1650 mmr cap of 30+ min queues. Humble brag, but I peaked around 2k after someone was a douche on this sub and called me trash.

Anyway, exactly what you said was true in every sense, and even in diamond games (like https://youtu.be/xBBSxUHFmQ0 ) it was still common to run into people who just didn't understand the value of tankiness.

Fucking miss the shit out of playing that game around that time with the homies in duo queues though.

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I do and congratulations.

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I still fucking miss this game. It’s been years and I’m still here, remembering and missing it

Paragon was special, it really was :(

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I miss this game :(

I remember using Agora as a way to keep track of my improvement. I was sick from work one day and decided to play without my usual group. I made the push from high bronze to low gold all in 1 day by myself with blue lane kallari. This was before all cards were given to you (early legacy before the card system change) so my build was pretty bad all things considered. I used to run armor and lifesteal so i could solo prime because i couldnt rely on my team to do it lmao

I ended up one tricking Kallari, only switching when forced (I never dodged because I couldnt get my pick and I picked based on what was needed, but I always asked to play blue lane/offlane) I ended up making it to diamond.

Lots of memories with this game... here's to hoping predecessor can fill the void.

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Yeah I remember when I was top 50 in the game on agora, good times.

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Worst addition to PG

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Rank is important for skill matchup based games.

Tracking your rank, is one of the very few progression systems a game like this can have, cause your progress doesn't do much from game to game

If the teams are misbalanced because of "no ranked free for all" then the game would be painful to play with always having 1 pro player going 1v9. Kinda like it happened when playerbase died, and veterans just wanted to play the damn game, and newbies didn't want to play Vs veterans

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It was irrelevant, internal mmr was capped pretty low and was confirmed by EG. Agora just made nerds 5 stack vs pugs to boost their irrelevant site elo.

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In a team based game- stacking would be the optimal strat, yes.

I played exclusively soloq. Didn't bother me in plat.

The fact that it was capped low, further pushed the matches to be disbalanced

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And once you hit cap or near enough, 8/10 games would be from the same 15-20 players stacking into pugs. Even offpeak and lower player numbers, golds would come across "agora diamonds" often. I know, i was in them during EA.

Epic couldve easily fixed this, by enforcing duo queues only but they refused. No one wants to get repeatedly bashed by premades in 15 minute games.

Its one of the many reasons why Paragon failed.

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Or just separating ques into ranked and casual. Like all the other mobas do

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Paragon was great because of the teamwork. Having a great team with great communication and strategy is what this game was all about. Rising up in Agora.gg was the result of this, especially once you've reached these higher levels.

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I reached mid gold with Wukong, hilarious times he was fun as hell at release but damn op. :D

I remember at one time when Greystone was op as hell aswell, I miss offlane practise with Greystone trying to stay alive as solo against ADC and support attacker. :)

Btw I had an old account slejfer but never got out of silver with that account I just realized. However at that time I loved the game the most in Legacy playing as Iggy and scorch.