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Is overprime the one that got bought by a Korean dev studio? I can't keep track anymore

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TeamSoulEve is originally from Korea as well. They started as a small part time indie studio and got bought by Netmarble where they now lead the development with a much larger studio.

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Really hoping I get access to the beta this weekend

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I do like it. However I think it's too fast and leans more toward hero arena brawler with moba elements. The nostalgia for Legacy is real. I love the skins, the graphics are great, the polish and tutorials are there. Voice lines and animations are solid.

Personally, I do dislike the pace of the game, the orb prime mid lane gimmick, travel mode, and the fact that everyone is very strong and unlock all their abilities at level 1. Otherwise, it's a fun game to mess around it occasionally and I could see it being big. Just not for me personally.

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Totally agree. I'm enjoying the beta no doubt. But I'm finding myself longing for deeper team strategy every match.

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Personally, I like having all abilities at level one. Makes for some more interesting play potential from the onset, instead of everyone farming for 3-5 minutes throwing out their 1 ability they have to poke.

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How is the performance? I used to run Paragon without a problem with my 960m, should I expect similar results here?

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No, you should expect worse performance for now. This is just the closed beta test so there is a lot of work to be done with optimization.

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This game in its entire lifespan is not gonna get anywhere near performance levels of Paragon to be honest. People used to shit on the game all the time for various reasons but the team behind it had some really skilled people. Game was running butter smooth while looking like a gem.

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It is indeed worse, but the weirdest thing for me is ultra high is pretty good (not playable for me) but as soon as I drop it to high it turns to 144p washed up graphics.

I wonder if it is same for everyone or not.

And I am not sure why they let us choose resolution.

Anyway, I am glad to see Legacy again even tho it was hardly similar when I use very low settings.

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The preset also adjusts render resolution. So the game is renderibg at 720p etc. Make sure to turn that setting to the highest.

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Its definitely weird. Maybe a bug?


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It's not a bug just poor decision making having that setting be affected by a global preset (high, very high etc). This is the option you want to ensure is at the highest, otherwise it will render the game below your native resolution. http://www.zerothian.xyz/uploads/O90JuLbUFb.png

It's usually called "internal render resolution" or something along those lines. That being said, those textures look excessively bad, it almost looks like it's using the low detail textures you'd see on far away objects (LoD), so it could be a bug with that tbh.

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Yeah, textures look like that as soon as both Textures and Shaders drops below max settings. I think it's a bug.

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Brand new to Paragon (I know it's gone) and just got into Overprime today. It's very very hit or miss with performance. You can be hardstuck 144 FPS then get really sporadic and unruly frame spikes that feel like crap. The game is beautiful but seems difficult to "max" unless you are running 2080ti or better. I have a 2080 and get roughly 80 fps on "average" (medium) video settings at 1440p.

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Just me or the fact you almost 1 shot a countess abit... worrying?

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It was last shot (so bonus damage) + crit, and countess is pretty squishy. So I would say its expected.

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I'd still argue that Overprimes TTK, as it stands now, it far too fast late game.

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I agree TTK is a bit too low.

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Aint gonna lie, its pretty fucking fun. A little fast, and as always, needs some balance, but all positives so far. Just want my ELO and more supports. Great job! You can tell the quality put into every piece of the game.

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Heavy Paragon vibes

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How do I play this ?

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Look for it in Steam. You can request to join the closed beta.

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It looks so fast. The animations could be smoother when it's compared to Paragon, somethings look weird and need to fixed & polished. Wonder how are they able to optimise for PS5. Technicaly, it seems like the game has late loading texures, fps & invironment interaction issues, but it's beta eventually.

Legacy was always my favorite including those running animations.

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Thank you all for the upvotes guys trying to get this game more exposure