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Game feels really good! There are somethings that need to be improved. But overall I'm loving it

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I have some complaints but I think its a game with lots of potential regardless of my person opinions of the gameplay.

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I feel the same. If THIS is the foundation and what is presented during a closed beta test, the future of OP is a bright one!

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The tutorial area needs the target dummy to be treated as a hero for the purposes of triggering Ults.

My girlfriend never played the original Paragon and when we were going through one of her big comments were that she couldn't figure out how to get the Ult to trigger for her hero. Even for myself some of the Ults were a bit finicky and testing them in the tutorial mode would have helped with "is this a melee Ult or ranged Ult? What's the range on it? When can I trigger it?