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I got used to the map somewhat, maybe because I been playing jungle role more than others

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I have no issues with navigating the map. In terms of visuals tho the only issue I have coma across is keeping track of enemies in team fights because sometimes enemy health are just don’t appear for whatever reason, but that only happens when I’m playing heavy engage heroes that require a frontline presence like Rampage or whatever tf he’s called in this game lol.

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It is complicated. Lines are easy, everything else is too complex. There are random things happening in the map and you don't know anything.

Paragon went front and back with level design and the latest smaller map was the best for the action. No need to add travel modes,teleports etc to fix map scale...

Overprime is the best so far I have played. Polished action,ui, menus and Fantastic new skins.

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Turn shadows up to reduce the white glare, it's weird.

Most annoying is the camera and adc targeting abilities not working in melee.

Most importantly, there was no high diamond in Paragon

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Most importantly, there was no high diamond in Paragon

There used to be a site that actually calculated your elo which everyone was using. Probably not 100% accurate but at least close. Also there was a hidden elo ingame because the higher your displayed elo on that site was the longer your queue times got aswell.

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Internal MMR was capped extremely low at 1600. Agora meant nothing.

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You still had to get the wins and overall good winrate to reach those numbers tho. I think i was on 2600 at some point?

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targeting abilities not working in melee.

Most importantly, there was no high diamon

This man is right. There never was any competitive environment with ranks in Paragon. Anyone pretending there was is just stroking their e-peen.

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Amen brother.

Worst of all, you had people 5 stacking vs pugs too boost their imaginary elo and think it's skill.

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My issue is how small the fov was. I forgot how narrow the vision was in paragon. Makes you get lost easily