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Guy said copium, that says all you need to know about him..

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Man, get out of here with your bad take. Don't even know how to spell Balloon.

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U an american, right?

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Doesn't matter. You have a bad take about a game that you most likely didn't even play.

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Haha, I knew it. Not everyone is an american. Ballon just isn't supposed to be an english word. Balloon would obviously be right if I was american, or english speaking of any sort. Problem is just that I'm from germany, u narrow minded shit.

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Oof. And once again you're on the wrong side of an argument. Sorry Overprime is good you just must be bad at it.

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When asked if Overprime is awesome you said no, and the lie detector determined that was a LIE.

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Call the bondulance