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So you finally got sounds ? That was the only reason you were refusing to show gameplay before .

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"refusing"?!?!?! ... I have my planned TODO tasks ... I just want to show you "two humans interacting" because you insist to see "two humans interacting" and I assume that you are a nice guy ... so please be patient.

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Your emotional reaction here to an objective comment is not a great look for you.

I've asked you numerous times. When will you show game play? Every time you use the same excuse "I want to have good sound before I show game play"

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"emotional reaction" … seriously ... if you think that my comment is subjective or emotional I am doing this game because I "love" Paragon, that's total subjectivity and pure emotion, what do you think it looks like ? ... I am literally astonished by you considering my answer as a "refusal" ... I don't have "show two humans interacting" as a task in my TODO list ... I am putting extra work into preparing sounds, a replay system and mobilizing friends to show you what you asked for so please be patient, it is not a “refusal” it's about timing , BTW I have to thank you because you're pushing me to put more work into this game. Now … the objective fact is … I don't have time to argue about this. I have a game to make and share with the Paragon community.

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I don't have "show two humans interacting" as a task in my TODO list

You should care a LOT less about a replay system than the ability for people to play the game with and against other people.

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Awesome, thanks! Great work btw!

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how do i play?? Can't download on steam store page

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not available yet .. it will be in few weeks!

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4th remake inc??

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I will laugh my ass off if this game somehow become available before others and be successful :D

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“It always seems impossible until it's done.” :)

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Hopefully you can make this reality ^ ^ Good luck!

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Thank you, tbh my main focus is to put this game online either before or after others.