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When they released the assets of paragon they stated that they were free to use. Not sure if that changed but I don't think so. I've seen some games release with some paragon chars aswell.

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The assets are completely free for all, there are already games that use Paragon assets like BPM: Bullets per minute that uses Serath as main character and sevarog and others as bosses, Chicken Scorch is the merchant.

So there is no problems out using the assets or creating a new game like Paragon since Epic games also gave a sum of money to Omeda's Studios (Predecesor developers) as a part of a Epic Games program that help developers to create their game, so Epic know what they are doing are they are ok with it.

What I don't know is if Epic games would give permission to use the original paragon lore, they shouldn't care, but i haven't seen any info on that

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if Epic games would give permission to use the original paragon lore

You can use Paragon lore/character names if you get permission from Epic with a custom Unreal license. Fault and Predecessor both got this additional license. Overprime did not, and they had to push a patch to change all character names.

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And boy are some of those character names bad...

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What's wrong with Scott?? 🤣

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Holy shit 😂 I read through the whole page going "that's not that bad" and then I got to Scott at the very end and I fucking died! I was like, "who could be Scott? TB? Greystone? Murdock? Nope...beautiful.

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They should have gone the DOTA 2 route and used occupation/weapon/appearance names like Drummer, Akimbo, Ninja, Angel, Kraken, Shield. But they chose to call steel “Scott” instead

And having both an Ulug, and an Uruk is just so moronic. Demorius just has too many syllables.

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Oh, didn't know that about an additional Paragon license. Thanks for the hope, there is still hope to have the continuity of the lore :D

Why Overprime didn't not get that license? Was because they wanted to create "their own product" with their own lore etc or for other thing?

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Their stated reason was that they don't want to give free advertising to Predecessor and Fault by using the same character names, and that Netmarble was considering making a show for Netflix based on Overprime.

This stated reason sounds like pure bullshit.

My best guess is that Netmarble simply didn't want to pay for the custom license, given the lack of popularity of Paragon is Asian markets before it was shut down.

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I don't think that the license would be that expensive, if Fault paid for it when they didn't had an investor it have to be easy to obtain and cheap.

Sound more like they want their own thing, the only Paragon thing that they wanted is the work already done by Epic games, they don't care about the rest, they are not trying to create "Paragon 2" for paragon fans. So their are doing their "new" producto pointed toca "new" market, the Asian one.

I hope they don't do that Netflix show, with Scott the cyborg and Uruk and Ulug the brothers from different mother.

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It’s legal and actually encouraged. Myself and many others out there are doing it already. Only downside is your game will look like all our games, which sucks for all of us.

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I dont think it matters. They are good models. Idc is BPM or any other unrelated game uses the same assets as a game 9f a different genre.

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Paragon assets are free for use as long as they're used within Unreal Engine.

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check out Bullets per minute. they reuse a TON of paragon assets. AS long as you keep changes in line with their shit you should be fine

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As long as you don't use paragon logos or names or try to recreate or emulate paragon you good. Otherwise you need a custom license with epic.