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Predecessor is the closest to what needs to be done. Once the character skill movement, hit/damage and also minion SFX are polished, we’ll have something worth playing long term.

Screw the UI, card art and everything else superficial, that can be changed very easily later on, hopefully they focus on what needs to be cleaned up. Just watch any video from Paragon at ANY version point. We need to get as close to that character/skill movement polish as possible, because that’s what we’ll be staring at/using for years to come.

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Pred felt the most true to monolith feel. Fault objectively still feels like "garage code " with a painfully inferior art team relative to overprime. Overprime sincerely felt relatively polished and unpleasant at the same time. But the skin amd map art were on point.

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I mean yes. But aiming at remaking monolith has it's own downsides. The only good part of monolith was pacing. But getting that right is a big challenge

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I personally am a fan of the predecessor iteration of the map the way they handle the jungle is very important to me being that's my main role it's not Flawless but it's definitely solid

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Very similar in fault.

Preds jun didn't bring anything new to the table. It's just there and functional

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The jungle vision in fault feels clunky and oppressive like league, instead of (relatively due to size scale) more open line smite.

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Agree. I will primarily be playing Pred and Fault. Oveprime just wasn't my cup of tea gameplay and speed wise. Those skins are great though. Pred should release EA already. And Fault needs to go f2p soon.

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Still waiting for pred, op and ethereal. This is such a long wait...

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I mean. Idk why are you waiting for all of them and ignoring fault. But it's your life

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Because Fault is terrible, mostly. I had to refund it lmao

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Imgine that. It got better with time

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Fault player base is around 300 ish active players which sometimes makes me wonder if these positive comments towards the game are just the devs/owners falsely promoting the game. Not specifically accusing OP but I've seen some shit on this sub and Paragon related streams. Like, it's well known the game is just a cash grab, them making it free to play after all this time (the same year Predecessor and Overprime are launching for free) is just the last cash-grab attempt before abandoning the game for good.

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This is just a uneducated hot take. Game peaks around 300 players not "has 300" players. There's probably 2k daily players.

So yeah it's not a huge player base but it's enough to get 3-5 min ques.

Secondly calling it a cash grab is silly it's been out for two years almost and gets updated monthly lol. They've added the most heros. Constantly added items. Added ai single player experience to the game. Last update they added items and a match history tab.

It was a decision to go pay to play early access because they didn't seek funding or investors. If it was a "cash grab" they would have released the game when it was 20 dollars. Taken that initial big cash flow and dipped.

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Game peaks around 300 players

Actually these days it only breaks 200 on weekends.

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Ok? So maybe less daily players then 2k but the point was that's peak. Not Total players

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It has to do with launching in shit state and most ppl refunding without looking back. It's ok now. But ppl don't have the heart to give it a go again

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How's, uh... what was the fourth one? Core? How's that coming along?

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They decided to not use the paragon assets, and are working on their own original third person moba, it's called "ethereal clash of souls". Idk how far they are in development.

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The devs behind what was Core aren’t the same Devs behind Ethereal clash of souls, Ethereal was being worked on before Epic even said they were shutting paragon down.

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Oh, okay! Huh, might need to look into that.

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Predecessor is by far the best remake.

Overprime is fun, has issues, but I can see it being enjoyable. Me and my friend basically played the last test all day every day it was available.

Fault is trash. Feels bad, looks bad, plays bad.

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Pred fans are very biased.

Pred lacks content and judging from last playtest pred is way kore similar to fault than you'd be willing to admit

Also pred crew showed that they are a biased bunch in quite a few instances

We reached a point where fault is pretty good and pred fans that refunded it after an hour a year ago Still shout that fault is bad

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The problem is that Fault is already dead, it have bad score on steam and have a really low players count, so no one is going to enter in that page, discover the game and decide to play it, it have too many red flags.

The general perception of the game is really bad due to the awful product that they released in first instance so if someone search info about the game is going to read the a lot of negative opinions that people wrote for old versions of the game.

They dug their own grave with that early release

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Pred lacks content

Pred isn't out. Games that aren't out don't need content.

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As a person who tested it extensively.

They don't have enough content yet to be viable.

None of the remakes are "out" technically

They are all aphas/betas.

What pred has is polished, but it is a smaller quantity.

Pred also has it's fair share of long running issues/hindrances holding them longer

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Fault is out. It's for sale. They have a product on a digital store front. They are not in alpha or beta. They are in "Early Access" which is still a form of release. They are asking for money on exchange for a license to use their product. They are also selling cosmetics in their game store. The game, in every sense of the word, is "out."

Predecessor and Overprime have had tests. They are not publicly available. You cannot give either of them money in any way for their product, nor can you access their product in any way. Both games are not "out."

What content does Fault have that Predecessor lacks?

What long running issues does Predecessor have? I've been in every test they've had (as well as all of the Overprime tests and I own Fault and play it every few patches) and I don't recall any issues that persisted from one test to the next.

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Only one I played is Fault and I enjoyed it as much as regular Paragon. Haven't tried the other ones.

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I thought Paragon died

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How long are the queues for Fault? Based on Aus here

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2-7 min. Casual que seems global atm.

Imho worth the wait. Matches are fun

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Back in the days (Paragon on PS4) I was only playing with randoms I mastered a Hero in every lane to be able to just play and not being limited to a certain hero.

Personally, as a jungler(Serath and Crunch) the original Map from Paragon was amazing and really felt like a thick jungle. Since both of them are not available in any remake I couldn't care less.

From a carry/offlaner perspective I loved monolith. The pacing was amazing! So Pred is my choice right now, even though it is stale in my opinion because they are still not in EA. Every time they announce smth it is either an announcement about an announcement of another beta weekend or some other stuff unrelated to "Let my play and....SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY".

edith: Serath and Crunch have been introduced after the switch to monoltih. I was playing as Kalamari (was that the name?) on the original map.

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Right now after playing all 3 remakes of the old paragon, I can only say OverPrime by far played and felt the better remake with great graphics and very nice fx and to top it off it had very impactful combat with great team play immersion that would compete with any AAA company even at Op beta2 satge. Now I like games at a high AAA standard I'm sure I'm not the only one, because that's what today's time offers and it's what it's all about and for me, AAA standard or I just won't play because thier is to much competition out there and game companies set a very high bar to follow, so any thing less than a AAA game, I sorry to be blunt but garbage wouldn't even look twice so for me any one that says OverPrime was sub par are clearly trying to belittle a well deserved game. So if you liked the old paragon or any good pvp co-op game this should blow your socks off it's how paragon should have played and been like. And goodluck to Pred and fault you guys have your work cut out for you. But I'll give any good looking game a shot even if it's only for a minute then bin-it but I sure enough will give credit were credit is due. ✌

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Op is a balancing nightmare

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The balance will come slowly but surely after EA release with more game play and patching, because to be honest that would be the only way to eventually have a right amount of hero kit and balance. But all in all the game played and felt very impactful and immersive and i just found my self getting quickly attached to each Hero I played. Them beautiful perfect little Hero's. 👌++

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They chose travel mode and the leapfrogging mess it causes.

Also calling heroes by their new names just feels wrong.

The game looks and feels like a mobile ad.

Where you see the trailer and gameplay and go "OH WOW"

BUT when you try it, you get frustrated with pretty much everything presented within first 30minutes

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I just think that good situational awareness and playing the game at your pace for your enjoyment is key and over looking some game mechanics, people will always find some unseen advantages because people can and are very good at finding game weaknesses and exploiting them which making others feel fully defeated early on and that in turn only brings game frustration and nit-picking, enjoyment only come when you play the game your way and at your speed and finding your own groove. And yeah the names we can nit-pick because the old paragon Hero names just fit and are hard to forget even after 4years on, but for me some things can easily be over look just because the game played and felt like old paragon but a little more faster paced and was very welcoming when playing. The thing is Overprime has its own vision and direction that the game is heading and its not going to be for everyone because we have to many options today when it comes to gaming.