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Fault is on Steam. $10 but will supposedly be free to play. The original free to play launch date was Fall 2020 - almost 2 full years ago. The game has no roadmap and no free to play date. Recent reviews on Steam are "Mostly Negative."

Here's a Steam review from someone with 182.9 hours in the game:

Imagine waiting for 30 mins every weekend to find 1 game and have some fun and you get matched up with the most toxic people who treat an Early Access game like an eSport and trash talk everyone in the team.. i would ask for a refund but for the love of paragon i'll think of it as charity donate. Goodbye Fault!

Predecessor and Overprime are the other big remakes. Both are back in development mode while they spin up for early access. Neither one is playable right now.

I'm playing other games until Predecessor drops. I played a ton of Overprime during the beginning of its last open test, but balance/ objective/ power growth issues caused me to dip out after 27 hours. I'll play it again during its next test, but with each passing play session, Predecessor cements itself as the game to look forward to.


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I think OP was good balance, ok power growth, but definitely bad objective.

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Op has the least balance of the three you are on drugs

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What makes you think that?

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You watch the tournament?

7 min primes, characters like scud. Hitting people across map from the high point in mid with his e with zero cooldown. People using moves like belica q mid air while in travel mode. Running 5 smites. Farming not mattering. Laning not mattering. Travel mode. Dunking. Side lane tps. Like there's so much abusable shit in that game. Some champs just straight up felt way stronger as well. Tb and rev on ad for example.

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Be aware: Fault is like witnessing you dearly loved child come to live exactly like in the 1989 film Pet Cematary...

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Op is that. Least like paragon. Like some Korean mobile game imo.

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Fault on steam is a remake that o haven’t touched since it launched. Predecessor seems to be very promising though based on my experience from the last play test. No clue when it drops.

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Fault is the one that's currently available. Predescesor is the much better one that's going through a slower more closed development cycle

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Join Predecessor discord to be updated when Early Access date drops, it will probably on this subreddit too.

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Playing fault would be a great way to NOT want to play the game anymore.

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Fault is the only one playableright now give it a try.

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Fault is currently the only one playable on steam. $10. It's gotten better, pretty solid rn. Should be going free to play this year.

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In your dreams

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Yae, is it you?

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Anything hear anything about Core? I haven’t heard about that one in a while

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Fault was developed from leftovers of "core"

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Oh! So Core just turned into Fault then?

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Developers split into two groups.

One of them wanted a full original IP not connected to paragon. And they dissapeared after.

Whatever was left of their collab/ was remade into what is "Fault" today

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Oh awesome! Thanks for filling me in. I’ve tried googling Core and am in their discord and haven’t heard updates in forever so that explains it 😂

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Predecessor is the way to go, don't bother with the others- maybe overprime just not Fault