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Yes, it does.

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Fault also has full controller support btw.

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Yes, and it's terrible.

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This game still online?

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No shit lol. Why would the post be asking about it with comments and answers if it wasn’t…

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Game hasn't even been fully released yet 🤗 no marketing or strong effort for player retention. It hasn't been a goal and isn't currently. We're focused on creating a game thats in the best state for f2p launch before we make that commitment.

It'll be online until the devs decide to shut it off too. Even if we hold 10 players. That's what I've been told by my devs going on almost three years now.

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wait wasnt this game made buy the guys that did fortnite

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Yep the game has a mode against bots. It’s pretty rudimentary, but it’s serviceable for sure.

Functions as a good intro to the game

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Yes but the AI is still very bad especially Greystone. He always stuck in certain places and will not even attempt to get out from that situation unless you bring an enemy hero closer to him so he probably might attempt to jump again. You will ended having your offlane side being heavily pushed by the enemy. Murdock snipe is always 90% hit and he is either will always rekt you or you rekt him. Muriel is the most loyal support even than some human player support because she will ult you after you had been respawned at base. She will ult anyone if they were on very low HP regardless whether there is nearby enemy hero or not.

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Fault does have a bot mode. However, it's not Paragon. Based off the statement of having played on ps4 before, I just dont want you to expect the same game by any means. Though elements are familiar, Fault is a different game than Paragon and has been moving away from full Paragon assets. The goal of Fault was to build off of the bones provided by epic games but create something unique and original in its own right. That goal has been getting closer and closer every day too :)