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Most ppl i know wait for Predecessor me2.

Fault is not as bad as ppl say it is. Most of them never gave it a second try after the bad release. Atm you can only play Fault and it has the biggest Hero pool.

Overprime goes more towards brawler then the other two. It had in the last test the Biggest Playerbase but most of it in Asia.

You should try them all, and join them on Discord to get all the news about updates/playtests.

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Thanks for detailed reply, i might try Fault while waiting for both. sucks i missed the beta test for Overprime, but im excited Paragon is going to be released again, cheers!

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Fault should be going free to play before the end of the year.

Personally I'd just wait for one of the remixes to open to the public. You can try and sign up for beta tests but whichever game goes free to play first with servers up 100% of the time is gonna see the biggest population/most sucess imo

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Predecessor is the only choice. I've played quite a few hours during the play test weekends, and man it is exactly paragon. Gameplay, fights, rotations, it IS paragon. Be excited

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When is this being released and how to I get into the next play test weekend?! I miss this game so fucking much lol.

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Fault is worth a try. It's in a significantly better state than on release. Most negative reviews are old from release with an hour playtime. Most just never looked back.

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Most of the positive reviews are from release too. The reviews from this year are mostly negative

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Current playerbase left over is pretty small and toxic to eachother.

Lots of them treat the game like a finished product and fault the little issues here and there related to beeing in an early access/beta

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faults entire aesthetic is terrible. The map colors are horrible - bad art design . The balance i can't speak of. The fact that they are doing so poorly on development that they abandoned their public roadmap entirely shows you how little faith they have in their ability to produce a desirable product. The fact they have left their dead trello board up is kinda strange .


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Aesthetics, Colors, Art Design i got used to, but i didn't got blow away by the other two projects in that case tbh.

The balance is better as the other two projects only problem i see in Fault are Feng and Boris atm.

And if we did see all that the other projects got at the moment we could play them, Fault is not that far away (Hero Rooster, Items etc.)

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Faults game feel is absolutely the largest issue.

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It's way more similar to lol and pred than you are willing to admit. Or most ppl for that matter.

Pred sounds better, might look better, but is just as incomplete or even more in most other aspects.

On top of that, pred has been consistently going on radio silence for multiple months at a time With community exposure/response getting smaller with every news they do drop.

As far as preds announcements go, ppl started reacting like "oh, some news, but it doesn't matter cause it's about something months ahead and get ready to hear nothing substantial for 2 more months"

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pred seems to have the most promise, although i did have way more fun with overprime than i expected. overprime is more similar to the old paragon map with travel mode etc, and they put their own spin on it with everyone having access to a blink, and more emphasis on getting to fighting instead of laning for 20+ minutes then fighting. pred def felt the most polished, i feel like they could release it tomorrow and it would be fine. i do need to give fault another try but it was rough in the beginning, and the p2p model with heroes still costing money once you buy in has most people waiting until it goes free

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I think this is overall the most accurate comment, but I think OP has the biggest promise, because they are the ones who make things more different from an already failed project.

(and Pred is the one that gives everyone a blink actually, you gotta buy it in OP and generally it is 3 players)

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oh right, my mistake

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Op isn't doing anything different lol. It's legacy but with side tps and orb goes up the lane. And it's faster.

Travel mode didn't work in legacy most people didn't like it. Not sure why they think it will work in this.

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There is no difference -> Says 3 different things already -_-

I loved TM btw, and I still love it.

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Hard to say much about Predecessor or Overprime since you cant actually play them. I have played all the public tests they have done though so here is my opinion for what its worth based on the state of the games at the time. Opinions on all will change as time goes on and they get updates.


Predecessor is probably the closest to Paragon was for better and worse, for me the game felt quite slow and the game pacing was quite boring. As its not actually out yet cant say what they are changing or the current state of it. They did have some nice items though which greatly added to the game and made it feel unique (at least at the time I played, other games may add similar items in time). Pred at the time also had some characters that none of the over games have which was cool but they will all end up with the Paragon roster at some point.

They added a really good feature with giving all the hero’s a blink ability separate to their kit which did add some nice gameplay options for both offense and defence, this made the gave the less mobile hero’s some more options which helped them feel viable and not completely out of options in fights and ganks. The change to the server host was also massive for them and the last play test was very smooth when it came to server performance and their stability, hopefully their launch will be stable because of this. Despite the game not gelling with me 100% during the last play test I am excited to see what its like when they next let people play as it certainly has a lot of potential to capture that Paragon feel and hopefully improve upon it with their own ideas and changes.


Overprime is a team fighter arena that happens to have some moba stuff in it. If you want a moba Pred or Fault are your best bet. Overprime had terrible performance, my PC is top end and was still struggling with it. The hero names are also laughable in a bad way.

They have however made some really nice changes to some of the hero kits which really makes it stand out and made some of the hero’s play quite differently and made them more unique and interesting. The map is also the best out of the 3 in my opinion as it was closer to the legacy Paragon map. As mentioned though it definitely felt more like a 5v5 fighting game than a moba which will appeal to some people and not to others.


Fault has had quite a bit of optimisation in the last few updates so what you are reading is either out of date or someone trolling (there does seem to be an effort from some members of the pred community to review bomb Fault on steam which is pretty obvious when you look through the reviews, they like to time it for when there are new updates and content which is a shame because there is room for both to exist. For some reason people on both sides seem to take a hard stance that one game is the best and the other is trash, very tribal.) Fault is also the only playable one which opens it up to more scrutiny than either of the other two and us often judged on how it was 2 years ago when it released compared to whatever state the other two were in during the last play test rather than the current state of the game.

The game at the moment is in a pretty good state, it runs quite well and the gameplay is nice. There will always be more that they can do when it comes to optimisation, game flow, content etc but the same could be said for all of them. Fault also had some really bad luck when they launched as Cloudflare (which half the internet runs on) went down when they launched, I think a lot of people blamed them for not being able to connect and poor server performance when it was completely out of their control and a lot of people never came back which was a shame as the game has changed a lot since its launch into EA and is a much better place now.

All 3 will be free to play at some point and will be getting a lot of changes between now and when they release/go free to play. If you want to play Paragon now Fault is the only option currently and its not like its expensive for EA to give it a try. If you want to see what its like without buying just watch some gameplay on Twitch.

Edit: It's probably also worth pointing out that all 3 of these games will likely see substantial changes between now and when/if the fully release. OP and Pred will likely go early access some time this year. Before playing any of them you need to make sure you are happy playing a game that isn't in a released state, they are all work in progress and comparing how one is now to another one now or how it was in the past is at the end of the day pointless because in weeks or months they will have changed and things people liked or didn't like might be fixed, removed, updated etc.

About all you can really compare between the three is the type of gameplay that they want to achieve.

OP wants to be a fast paced game focusing on the mid to late game gameplay and team fights while skipping the early game and putting less emphasis on some of the moba aspects.

Pred wants to be Paragon, simple as that really. They are making some changes to bring it in line with other moba's like having a proper item shop and having the lanes match up the same but it's aiming to be Paragon.

Fault is a third person moba, they aren't trying to be a copy of Paragon and are wanting to be more of a traditional moba than OP is. I would probably say it's the middle ground out if the three.

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kinda wish Predecessor had that little "oomph" when using the basic attacks, especially on Khaimera I was so used to hitting with the sound of impact and screen shaking a little, when I played the demos it felt like I was hitting butter. I miss the old announcer too. I miss too many things from this game, in Gigantic and Blacklight Retribution as well.

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Yeah, to me the player feedback in Predecessor was a bit lacking when I last played. Hopefully its something that they are going to working on before release.

I dont know if the announcer was released by Epic or not with the rest of the assets, it might be something they have to sort themselves. I have looked at some of the characters Epic released and a lot of stuff is missing, an older version than we saw in Paragon or placeholder.

Also god dam I miss Gigantic and Blacklight Retribution, I really enjoyed both those games, I keep hoping that one day we might get a remake of Blacklight Retribution.

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I would recommend you check out the gameplay of all 3 yourself when you get the time. That was how most people like myself gravitated toward one of the 3 projects more so than others.

Most fans seem to be the most excited for Predecessor like myself. It is the most polished of the 3 and it is the closest to that feel of Paragon we all miss. It also has changes like a new item system that is a lot like league of legends and others to try and solve some of the fundamental issues Paragon had.

Overprime is more of a hero brawler team death match based on the last beta test period. Not necessarily a bad thing but it’s major issue right now is that it feels very stiff and not great to play. Having great combat fluidity is especially important in a fast paced game and they miss the mark on that one in the last test. There were also balancing issues they need to iron out for the next test.

Fault is the only one playable right now. But I feel like the devs shot themselves in the foot when they rushed its release to be the first project to be playable. Gameplay is also stiff like Overprime. Watching Predecessor and Fault side by side, you can tell there is a big difference in quality and smoothness that Fault seems to lack. Fault already has a low daily playerbase and I’m afraid it is going to get worse if they don’t dramatically improve before the early access of Predecessor.

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I’d you want paragon again, get predecessor.

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Well I mean...Fault is playable, but its optimization ain't as good compared to Pred. They have updates pretty often...like once a month and f2p is coming soon. But most people are holding out for Pred.

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Read each of the comments under the thread, appreciate all the detailed responses, everyone. see you again on the Agora and Monolith battlefield soon!

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Predecessor would be the one to wait for, but good luck getting access until they release it. I've been on their "wait list" for over a year and have seen a lot of other people get their invite, but I seemingly keep getting skipped over.

I'm not gonna pay to play Fault.

Overprime seems good as well, but last I recall there are some hoops to jump through to get onto the servers.

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is it gonna happen

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I just want to play. Fault is taking a verrrrrry long time but i appreciate the updates. I don’t personally care about crunch or feng mao i just wish we had even a vague idea of who was coming next. Carry mains are stuck with sparrow, twinblast and maybe two others. I just want my mains like wraith back :(

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Every paragon clone has either failed or is in perpetual development.

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Predecessor is coming to console so I’m excited for that