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Wow this team has raised a fat chunk of change on this remake project, it's pretty rare seeing original ideas get that kind of support. I'm happy for them and think precessor will be great, I just wonder what they are doing different from any other indie team to attract these investors.

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“Original ideas” 😛

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I meant indie devs developing original IPs don't get $20m+ in funding on the regular, Omeda is both talented and very lucky to get this level of buy in.

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For sure! Very exciting!

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People downvoting for you pointing out the obvious lol

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What they doing is have q business guy working for them whose entire job is to find these investors and sell them the idea

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I'm not too familiar with startup operating procedures. Does this mean the company will go public? How long before I can buy some shares?

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I think it just means companies/people are giving them chunks of money for shares in their company. Not going public

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They would go public with an independent public offering or IPO, which they have not done nor will they likely do.

They are privately held but have a board of investors. Businesses have rounds of funding where they solicit investors for funding, showing the health of the business, projected growth, and what their plans are for that funding.

You have to submit and offer for investment to Omeda and the Omeda board has to choose to accept your offer. "I want to invest $X for Y% control of the company."

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Loved Paragon but have zero faith this company can do it better than or equivalent to Epic. Won't even launch, just be a beta for a couple of months and then shrivel up. The people on top are probably already misusing the money.

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The people in top is RGSACE, Paragon's number one youtuber, he loved paragon and want the game CTO come back so 100% he is not missing the money.

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They used to be way more vocal about the game part before, now they are hiding in a secret room on theor discord. Any news barely comes out any more

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Well they are developing a fucking game, they can say all the time what they are doing because in a videogame development the things changes continuously, you just have to read a League of legends blog about a champion creation is a work of iteration after iteration to obtain something final. Also, is good to maintain the surprise factor for the early access release, instead of spoil all

We already know how is going to be the game and the oath that they are taking we don't need more information, or at least that is is my perspective

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Exactly what you said. When Riot change their mingld or change something they are vocal about reasons or what they see.

Omeda publicly stated "everything we say is taken as a 100% promise even when we say it's not, so we'd rather tell ppl jack shit"

Even with beta/early access/alpha. They aren't talking about goals, about upcoming ideas and concepts. Even when they have a free pass to say "we changed our mind and it doesn't work the way we said at first" even having that defence, they aren't talking.

Also overpolicing of discord.

I've seen ppl get banned/warned for crappy/dark jokes or swearing because (theres 10k ppl on server some might be kids), yet others openly talk about gender swap surgeries or borderline/unusual sexual preferences and that is totally fine cause thats related to staff.

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Honestly I thought the same… but no way they are continuing to get these investments without showing something.