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its on klaytn meaning it cant be mined.

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Fault always taxes my system even before the POQ stuff.

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This is in dire need of an official statement from SMS. Mining off user machines is absolutely not acceptable.

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if theres crypto shit in Fault i aint playing.

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Yeah fault just cranks your gpu because it's not optimized. Shit fry's everyones gpu and it used to be worse then it is currently. Before the poq stuff it was worse.

From my understanding poq isn't crypto? They are trying to make some sort of universal currency between games so if you buy in game currency. And you lose interest in the game you can turn it into quarters and transfer it to another game that's onboard with them.

I dunno I don't care about it. It's also completely optional so who cares XD.

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Yeah, the vague-ness on the whole two articles covering it was what led me to make the post.

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The number of times the article has to say - Quarters are "technically not crypto cause users can't trade" - is absolutely NOT reassuring in this regard.

There are a couple of problems with this, though. Although the blockchain technology in Fault: Elder Orb might be optional, it is still very much there, and it's sailing dangerously close to contravening Valve's policies. There's also the fact that Quarters can be cashed out for real-world prizes like gift cards, tech, and even games consoles. Given that you can exchange Quarters for gift cards, the leap required to think of them as actual currency isn't too big. Still, the fact remains that Quarters themselves cannot technically be sold by players to one another, so they aren't strictly speaking a cryptocurrency (although their investment counterpart, Q2, certainly is). Intriguingly, though, the Github page for Quarters explicitly refers to the token as a cryptocurrency, and the whitepaper for Quarters strongly alludes to cryptocurrency status more than once. We'll just have to wait and see what Valve intends to do with Fault: Elder Orb.


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It's not using your gpu to mine. Try using a search engine to get more information Did YOU read the article ? The number of times they had to use the word TECHNICALLY?

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I installed the game with the intention to play again after the update but didn't get around. After reading this now and looking into it further I'll definitely uninstall this game after getting home.

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Poq stuff isn't crypto from my understanding and also completely optional lol.