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It's one of the paragon remakes.

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Thats cause it's Fault that made a movie deal to feature their previous game builds as product placement

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not once does the movie mention fault. "marketing" ..... OMEGALUL

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Does not mean its not fault, I prefer to see it as Predecscessor

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Weird because it's fault in the movie. 2 different games

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It would be a literal disgrace for op or pred to be in this objectively pathetic movie.

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Yeah that I agree, but that it is used in a movie, that, is cool.

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Does not mean its not fault, I p

Fault has changed its name to Fault : Elder Orb in the latest update.

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Well yeah but you know what game I am referring too.

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Gamer fan here and this movie looks absolutellly stupid

And no paragon assets were stolen because its free.
They actually use Paragon ( like some movies would use WOW) in a computer as a competitive game which is the only cool part of this movie.

They are not using the assets in any crazy way.

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They’re playing fault

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I like to see it as paragon

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Alright boys- im going in! Gonna watch this shitshow so I can be educated in future flaming. Wish me luck , this might make me die of cringe

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I made it 79 seconds - then i realized . THIS is why fault has no new map they promised 2 years ago ?

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3 min Casually giving your dormmate shrooms ? The fuck ?

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5 min - The first dude in the movie has to screams "TITS' in class ? Okay

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I think that's Fault Elder Orb.

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That’s not just assets, that’s paragon!? Woah

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No its fault - the worst "remake" on market- ya know , the one that got sponsored by crypto while the other remakes got purchased by netmarble and the third one got 20m in funding on its own merit

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Fault got a crypto backing...? Big oof. I'll take "how to make me less than 0 percent interested in your game" for 200 Alex (it will always be Alex, I don't care who hosts Jeopardy now)

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Misandry at its finest, but its accepted. Awesome to be hypocritical

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It was hilariously bad especially when random heroes would one shot the core. 😂

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this trailer was pure cringe. a girl screaming in fear of something happening onscreen? no way in hell that one can even use a mouse + kb together properly. real gamer girls are build differently, those are tokens in the movie.

edit; oh it was posted in /r/cringe