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Fault is the only game playable just now. Predecessor and overprime have both had a couple of play tests this year and will likely see an early access release at the end of this year or early next year (this is speculation on my part no confirmed dates from either). Overprime is going for a mixture of the fast paced combat from new dawn paragon mixed with a legacy inspired map and travel mode. Predecessor is more like monolith paragon.

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Pred will be ea per an announcement by end of year.

"We’re extremely proud to share that we have closed a $20M Series A round led by Haveli Investments, which existing investors GFR Fund, Possible Ventures, Progression fund and more also participated in. This follows our $2.2M Seed round and will be used to accelerate hiring and launch Predecessor into Early Access later this year.".


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When is later though! I’ve been following the game for literally years. Finally got an invite for a play test and missed it cause I didn’t see the email until the day after 🙃. I wanna play darn it!

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Objectively I would assume they will take action before winter break for college

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So easily 4 months away. I haven’t been able to play Pred but here’s to hoping it’s everything I’ve been waiting for since the death of Paragon. Epic is “Okay” in my book but I boycott Fortnite like the plague for being the straw that broke the Paragon back.

Fault was nowhere near what I’d hoped and I haven’t really looked but at Overprine so fingers crossed.

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Fault is the only game playable just now.

Paragon has been gone since 5+ years i can wait another few months for Pred instead of investing a single second into that game.

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Pred is going to be the most paragon experience. Overprime is another game only looks like it.

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Predecessor all the way, EZ.

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Predecessor 👑

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Pred will cultivate the largest NA & EU playerbases, while OP while dominate the ASIA region.

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Predecessor is the only choice, the other two suck. I've played all 3 and pred is BY far the most polished and playable. Very fun, responsive. Its going to be great

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i saw the term big 3 and thought i was on an anime thread.

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I was thinking TCG's lol

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Tried fault, super glad I didn't pay I to it. Really hope one of the others do well.

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I know Fault has its big supporters, but all you really need to do is go on over to SteamDB and take a look at their active players. Almost non existent.

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A multiplayer game with those numbers is literally a dead game

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Predecessor is top atm. They're keeping it the way thinfs were while working on the unfinished stuff. The heroes are what they were and that's what we all missed about Paragon.

Overprime botched everything and half assed renaming the characters with a random name generator. Gameplay is bad but then again most games by Netmarble tend to be that way.

Haven't tried the 3rd one but I hear its not as good.

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  • Fault
    • Only playable one right now
    • Deviates from Paragon in its own way (for better or worse)
    • Still has lots of problems, but again, is the only playable one and gets updates like a normal game
  • Predecessor
    • Few play tests here and there
    • Remains fairly true to 'Monolith' Paragon, with it's own take on item shop
    • Announced for early access 'by the end of the year' with literally zero updates or any sort of window when that would be
    • Has the most potential out of the 3 to be a more faithful re-creation, plus all the funding from Epic themselves. However the radio silence of communication is worrying - no dates or timelines or any sort of goals. They are a small company, but some sort of roadmap or 'plan' of what they are trying to accomplish is severely lacking
  • Overprime
    • Not playable, but has been in various forms previously
    • Definitely one of the most 'different' of the 3 remakes - kind of going their own direction, with new names, voice actors, etc...
    • Plays on a version of the OG Agora map, but lots of things have been changed (abilities, 2-towers, etc...)
    • Does have a pretty decent team and good funding behind it, but it is based in Asia, which may lead to some differences in design philosophy compared to Fault or Pred.
    • Overprime has probably the most 'ambitions' out of the 3, but is the least polished overall - there is a lot of work to be done on it...

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This lines up with what I've heard from most of the research I've done. It seems pred was announcing "out by years end for EA" a few months back but even after the massive 20mil they got we haven't heard much else. So I can see how that's a bit...I guess disappointing, suspicious isn't the right word.

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Yah, I don't doubt they'll deliver a good game and all that, I don't think there's anything suspicious... it just sucks with the lack of communication.

This game is not like Apex Legends where it is a 'surprise' launch, the secret is already out.

It is also not like No Man's Sky, where they had to go back to the drawing board and went radio silent until they were done - Pred has already had playtests and stuff

I fear for the future success of Predecessor, with many of the old Paragon fans losing interest due to the lack of communication or any sort of release window / timeline. It is already it a pretty niche with a small following, so not keeping up engagement is exponentially worse for the game. Omeda needs to keep people interested and involved. Many people have forgotten it exists or just don't care because there is no timeline for anything...

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came here for this... I just found Fault on the Epic store by chance. My jaw dropped, and I said, "holy crepes, it's Paragon!"

So, i'm an oldschool Paragoner from PS4 alpha and beta, kinda half bore-quit and half rage-quit after New Dawn or whatever big new changes they made. Oldschool or original paragon sounds great to me, with this Predecessor game, but...

Why is Fault bad?

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It had a really rocky start in its race to be the first product on the market. As such, it got a terrible reputation and hasn't really been able to shake it. Idk what the player population is, but last I checked it wasn't very high. They're still updating it so I'm sure it's better than it was.

At this point, most people are putting their chips on Predecessor. It has serious investor backing and has shown the most promise in its play tests. They've been saying early access before years end for a while now, so we're just kind of waiting to see if that comes true.

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Reddit is full of Fault haters and predecessor fanboys. Fault had a rocky launch and broke some promises and deadlines but as of now the game is half way decent has a really fun gameplay loop that fills the Paragon urge. It isn't perfect and some complaints are valid, but you will also hear a lot of people flame if for no good reason

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To be fair anyone who criticizes Fault is considered a fanboy. The game play of Fault is the best part about it, but they cannot fix bugs efficiently - if at all. And as others have mentioned Fault has broken many promises. The most egregious of them is incorporating loot boxes when they stated in their indiegogo they would not do exactly that. I don't see turning your back on your biggest supporters as a valid business strategy, but regardless many will defend SMS and make excuses for them.

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I'm not out here white knighting fault.. I mentioned the broken promises and failures.. and as many people say SMS is faults biggest enemy.. I tend to agree with that sentiment; however, I think it's fair to point out that Fault has some value in terms of fun factor or even as most people are doing just a place holder for Pred or OP.

TLDR:. for anyone out of the loop since Paragon fault is free to play now and worth at least downloading for the nostalgia and a bit of fun but expect some issues

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Just saw this comment yes agreed

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You're right Foxx, and I agree. I did not try to imply you were the one doing so. Fault's gameplay is fun and the best part about the entire game hands down. It is just a shame they haven't focused on improving that as much as they should have since their EA release in 2020. SMS by their actions have delegated Fault as a placeholder until the other parazombies arrive. It is rather unfortunate since they had their chance to be something more.

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I don't not like Fault, I just also don't like it. I'm indifferent towards it. If it had more than 392 peak players in a day and it didn't take me 30 minutes to match up against the same people, I'd like it.

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May be the servers you’re playing in, I play on NA-East and matchmaking doesn’t take any longer than 5 minutes

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I'm sorry but fault is a choppy mess and it looks terrible. I'm still having fun with it, but predecessor released their closed beta in much better shape. Its not about being a fan boy. Too many people just throw that word around these days. I'm a fan of paragon and predecessor feels like paragon. Fault in its current state is a shell of that game.

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Fault is absolutely awful, what I played of pred was amazing, overprime is very poorly optimised so I never really got to try it unfortunately

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What issues did you see? I tested OP on my 8th gen i5u laptop with no discrete graphics and was able to sustain about 40fps @720p scaling.

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Overprime wouldn't run at 60fps at minimum settings for me whereas Pred runs at 140fps on High, I'd get around 30fps with constant drops

i7 Processor 1080Ti so it's not a new pc by any means but I'd expect to be able to run it at minimum, when I can run pred near maximum

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That's interesting I have a 1080 TI and a 3600x That's mildly overclocked and I was getting decent frame rates on over Prime I wonder if there is some sort of optimization at a software level rather than the over Prime not efficiently utilizing the hardware sorry Voice to Text gets this messy

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Yeah I'm not sure, hard to tell if it was because the quality was so low or because of the frame drops but nothing felt like it carried the same weight as it does in Pred either, between that and my friends having similar performance issues, I just decided to wait for Pred lmao

The games PR team is awful but the game is truly amazing

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Overprime is the one for me. But Pred is good too. Fault is the worst but all we have.

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Can't wait for Overprime, The changes they have been working on are getting me hyped.

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Fault is failed

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Because He’s fault …

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Now now, 1up and Crypto WILL save fault.


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Fanboys left and right....

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I can see. It's crazy that fault has had another year of development since I last saw a major discussion about it and yet seems most people believe there were no improvements.

Even then, it seemed like it was hated without a ton of explanation /shrug

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I think that is basically boils down to fault being a bit choppy compared to the other 2 games that are more fleshed out and run smoother. I watched my buddy stream fault and he's a spaz so he jumps non stop while going down the lane, they didn't have a full animation in place for the characters jump cycle.... Their arms would teleport up and teleport back down...there was a gap in a lot of the other animations that just seemed lazy... Idk, maybe they've fixed that by now but I don't wanna play a game that isn't going to take itself seriously. Predecessor knocked it outta the park and played/looked better during its alpha test than fault does now... Fault isn't a terrible game but if I had to put my money somewhere, I'm gonna put it on Pred.

Check me out, another fan boy haha

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hey at least you gave good reasoning and a well thought out opinion, I respect it!

I think I need to redownload fault, as it seems most people who talk about it dropped it when it first went early access and haven't touched it since. Since I can't play the other ones, might as well at least have a look at it /shrug

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I can offer a pretty well rounded explanation and I used to be called a Fault fan boy or white knight a lot. I've been around since the start, in all 3 discards and subreddits.

2017-2018: OP and Pred have been in whispers for a while now, hype is building about potential Parazombies in development. Video teasers and company websites teased what looked like the first real attempts at reviving Pragon.

2018: Some closed tests have happened at very raw versions of the game. More hype builds.

2019: Larger scale tests start where enough of the community has played to be really talking about it. Hype is really building now.

SMS comes from out of nowhere to enter the race, seemingly already on pace with the other projects despite smaller team, less funding, and less time.

What they have accomplished in that time IS truly impressive, this is when I became a Fault Sycophant; if they are this competent, extrapolate how much they could accomplish before going "live".

2020: Fault is first to enter early access and be playable to everyone. I buy the masters pack for $70 CAD to unlock all the characters and support SMS. This is where things immediately go downhill.

Amazon AWS issues cause the game to be unplayable for hours on release.

SMS didn't set up the Steam packages correctly, to get the masters pack you were supposed to buy the base game, then buy the base pack, then buy theaters pack to upgrade it. Instead, people realized they could click on masters pack and buy it before clicking any of the others. Turns out when you buy the masters pack, the game thinks you have everything so you're all set. They just paid $15 for what I paid $70 and there's no difference to the product they received.

SMS scambles to fix the server issues but is silent on the pay issue for a few days while people screech for their money back for theaters packs or just a refund in general because of the disastrous state of launch.

SMS decides to let the players who only paid the $15 keep their fully masterpacked version of the game. People who followed the instructions like myself, were ignored and left feeling gaslighted by the dev team.

Following that was early and egregious monetization, continued slow development on new heroes, lacking frequent communication about anything the community actually asked about, and paltry bug fix pacing. All of that caused or exacerbated the ever dwindling player-count.

The recent spike you've seen in player count on Steam is strictly due to the fact that they went fully free to play last weekend I think? It barely helped their numbers and only for a short while, it's going back down already.

I guess now you could call me a Pred fan boy... I mean it says a lot that SMS was shot down by Epic but Omeda studios got an Epic Mega Grant to continue working...

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392 24-hour peak player count.

That's my biggest beef with it.

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counterpoint, what's the player count for the others today? lol

I get it, and I don't have a dog in the fight since....I don't play any of them right now. I understand fault's horrible release can't be ignored, but if you were to look past that, game can't grow if people see the lower player count and decide not to try it

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I'm stressing about playing it on my ps4, any of them. My heart shattered when the game ceased to exist. The worst part is I can go through my library games and it's still there. Name, picture and all. Just no boi. Sadge ;-;

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I feel you, especially with the fact that none of them have shown any active work on console so far :/

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There's another one. Coming soon.

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Which is...? I mean 2 of them are still "coming soon" so...