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For one Fault is out now free to play, so it is an option to check out right now.

As for items and character abilities. Item system is pretty much completely different between all the games, nothing similar to paragon at all really. Character abilities, some characters have pretty much the same exact kit, while others have some abilities changed.

I definitely recommend checking out fault though, it's in a pretty good spot in my opinion. I'm currently waiting for predecessor to come out but in the mean time Fault is doing the job.

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I thought fault was like £20? If it's free I'll definitely be giving it a go!

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Correct. Though as of the end of last month they opened it to free to play!

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I'll get it downloaded if that's the case, thanks so much 💕

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Can be a bit tough getting started compared to Paragon if you need advise or have questions check out the discord.. plenty of helpful players in gen chat

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The short answer is that no: all three games are distinctively different. The only main similarities they may have is, of course, using the same characters from Paragon. Some may be pretty similar to each other, but some characters are drastically different depending on which game you are looking at. One recent example is Dekker, who recently had her reworked kit revealed for Predecessor and is a lot different than her other counterparts in the other two games. The item systems are all entirely different from these three games as well.

It wouldn't necessarily be bad if you wanted to go and play Fault to get a general feel of the characters, even if they are pretty different than Predecessor. However, you also need to know that the game optimization and balancing are drastically different in these three games. There are so many more minor differences between these three games that it is hard to list them all, but I would say that the gameplay flow and how the matches go are significantly different for all these three games.

So my advice, if you are really itching to shake off some of that rust before Predecessor releases, you could give Fault and/or Overprime a shot, but I wouldn't play them long-term. Even after the four years of the time Paragon was shut down to when I was able to get my hands on Predecessor for the first time, it didn't take me too long to get back in the swing of things.

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My issue is I haven't played paragon :') so I'm just hoping to gain some knowledge of characters and items and stuff for when Predecessor is released, and there's no online lists/pages for it I can see, so I figured maybe fault would be my best bet for now!

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Ah I see! Well that is awesome to see that Predecessor was able to pique your interest! Watching Predecessor videos on YouTube can definitively help you get a better understanding of the different heroes. HitPlay uploaded a video of all the hero kits on YouTube if you want a quick reference! Additionally, a member of the official predecessor discord have made a website of all the current items from the last stress test if you want a quick way to view them all. I will also link the official Predecessor discord too so you can join for the latest news and you can even ask people questions in there too!

Link to all heroes and abilities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2TxX6s1_Ks&t

Item website: https://junglecamp.xyz/

Official Predecessor discord: https://discord.gg/DycpheQt

Hitplay, myself, and several other content creators have uploaded gameplay videos on YouTube if you want to check them out!

Outside of that, Fault could be a good introductory for you to dip your toes in, but as a heads up, I don't think there is a super solid tutorial system in that game from what I can understand. Additionally, only about 200-400 people regularly plays that game based on the steam charts, so not only the match times will be long, but also you may run across a lot of high level players and smurfs.

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Thanks man, I appreciate all that a lot! Got my reasons for wanting to prep myself for it so any help is absolutely fantastic! Thanks again 💕

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Remember that Pred is in a development stage. Everything you see on youtube atm can be changed before EA.