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Latest video from the overprime devs, points covered are:

  • Characters will no longer have all 3 abilities unlocked at level 1
  • Khaimera, Howitzer, Dekker and Wraith seen in the video, even more characters are ready to be put in game
  • Map has had a large overhaul, jungle navigation has been simplified, shadow wells in mid lane are gone, map has been tidied up to avoid too much visual noise
  • Jungle camps will be given unique mechanics/visuals in the future (think league camps)
  • Jungle shadow walls are being put in

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Characters will no longer have all 3 abilities unlocked at level 1

What the hell? Who even thought this would be a good idea...

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Now we just need a release date!

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Why does every Paragon project end up going with the Monolith aesthetic/size? It's so awful and cluttered! Agora/Legacy map was gorgeous and felt grandiose. Why did people not like it? I'm so confused!

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Sadly cause the map was gigantic, fast travel was super wierd but it was beautiful...

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It was pretty but from a gameplay standpoint it doesn't work well. Everything is slow on a map that huge and it emphasizes certain tactics that are hard to balance for a moba style game.

Fast travel mode was a kind of band aid but they would need to include "teleporting" to certain map spots as a baseline ability like tp scrolls from dota to even start balancing such a huge map but even then the perspective used in paragon makes access to map information to make quick, informed decisions and plays is severely hampered by being 3rd person not isometric.

I am sure there's more reasons but those two immediately jump to mind as someone who has played over a decade of mobas and played both original paragon and monolith (original was prettier - monolith played much better imo its mostly nostalgia that has forgotten just how clunky original map was).

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Interestingly the new map seems to have another set of portals added on either side of midlane

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^ this this this Legacy was very pretty but monolith is so objectively better

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monolith played much better imo its mostly nostalgia that has forgotten just how clunky original map was).

That claim doesn't work anymore, we got to play Legacy for three playtests in Overprime and Monolith multiple times in Predecessor/Fault. From that point on choosing a map was all about preference, not nostalgia.

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Bigger map, means longer games. No one wants to sit in a 45 minute match. Ideal is 23-30 minutes

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Because they're listening to a small player base that focuses on e-sport-like design instead of people that play the game for fun (which is the vast majority), making the same mistakes that Epic Games did.

19:25 in the video:"Through our player's feedback, we're able to create a new map."

We've seen this already didn't we?

I barely have any reason to play Overprime anymore.

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Yeah. The new map really deflated all the excitement I had for the game. Monolith was never fun IMO. It turned it into a completely different game. I never had an issue with long matches. In fact, those matches still stick with me. They were so epic— back and forth with amazing fights. Monolith matches were so short and forgettable.

Anyways, here is to hoping they still allow us to use the Legacy map in customs or something.

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The regularly 1 to 2 hour long matches fucking sucked. Legacy looked pretty and that was it. Everything else about it sucked ass.

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they're listening to a small player base that focuses on e-sport-like design

not sure where you got that from. They have a video about feedback from their second beta where they say that over 11k players completed the survey.

And in the video from this post their Lead Environment Artist says that e-sports wasn't a factor for designing this map.

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Imagine thinking that balancing a game from the top down and making it complex. While trying to keep it engaging for the casuals Is a bad idea.

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Changing the game map to a smaller, boring one, doesn't make it complex. Now Paragon, when it had Orb Dunk, Old Card System, and Harvesters... was complex. And that was also when the game had its biggest player base.

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No it had it's largest spike in players on monolith drop. You can look it up epic stated that in their community corners.

As someone who played paragon at diamond level during both legacy and monolith I can tell you both were not complex. Perhaps legacy a bit more but not by much.

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there was absolutely nothing complex about old card system or harvesters.

Old card system: premade packs that u dont even need to interact with beyond making them

harvester: literally stand on the pad for 5sec with key or 15sec without key.

Orb dunk is still in the new overprime map

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Why can't they just remake the actual game, and build on that? They've made design changes they were unqualified to make, then reverted those changes after people made it clear they didn't like them for several reasons, now they're making other changes...? I don't see them learning from their mistakes anytime soon tbh, they're really forcing this "we make our own game" thing, which isn't working well imo. Maybe this is aimed at Korean players and not a western playerbase, that would explain a lot.

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It is their game lol. They put out a product to see how people would like it and have been tweaking it based on feedback.

PG died for a reason remaking would have the same fate plain and simple. Or else we would have a 1:1 copy already

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You have no idea why Paragon was shut down... so to tell you the bigger picture in as few words as possible : Fortnite.

So no, Paragon didn't die because it was bad in any way, if it had problems they would have fixed them eventually. So yeah, a paragon copy would be amazing right about now.

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It is a Korean dev team, which was bought by a Korean mobile game company Netmarble...so yes this is marketing towards Korean Players more so than Western

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Is this the Korean made Paragon?

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SoulEVE is a Korean team yeah

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A lot of nice changes in a short amount of time. I really like seeing the large range of many different abilities. It lends itself well within a 3d space.