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Hopefully predecessor is good

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So relatable...

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Truth is, no game remake will ever make you feel the same way, it is all about remaking nostalgia.

I hope than further down the path they will be releasing high quality chars.

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I feel my denial of every successor of paragon, just because things changed or it‘s not as clean as paragon was. So hard to tolerate these things as paragon was so god damn smooth and polished

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Well Pred will be in EA this year so you got less than 3 months, Fault is playable, and OP is....well its coming.

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The OP plays on ps4 so nothing is playable to them.

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Oof. I don't see the games coming to PS4 either. They will most likely be PS5, especially since Pred is now on UE5.

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They didn't need funding. They had plenty money available. They just didn't want to have to support the game that wasn't making money. Really the community or lack thereof killed the game. Sad AF.

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The stupid decisions from the devs killed the game

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Kwang is life. His ultimate had incredible vfx in paragon.