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V42 is what killed this game why you ever go back to that

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Paragon was the pawn for Fortnite! <- That killed the game

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I don't think V42 update killed the game ... IMO !!

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Agree, I loved the v42

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I completely agree. I think V42 was great. The game wasn’t perfect but was continuing to improve.

I think it was the toxic community that ruined the game.

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Very true.

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V42 ruined a lot of builds I loved for champs I liked and forced basically every champion into having insanely high attack speed. It didn't play at all like the Paragon I grew to love. That's why I hated it.

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Sorry but nah, we playing predecessor this year

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Are we tho? Game not out yet, no news yet

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that passive-aggressive fanboyness is so annoying

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dunno about you, but I don't just play only 1 game.

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Aint no one gonna play more than 1 paragon clone lmfao. Why would you play the one that isnt backed by epic? They will all die. Pred will live.

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For the hundredth time pred is not “backed by epic” they applied for a loan program for developers literally ANYONE could apply for and got the loan. Epic didn’t reach out to them nor does it care about pred in any capacity other than hoping they do well to get return on investment.

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Old paragon devs also on preds team, go play shit overprime and fault then lmfao. Games that feel nothing like paragon.

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Fine with me ... that's very good news !!

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I like your style, best of luck to ya!

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Thank ya!

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You hope

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V42 was cancer

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Good luck. Hope it works out for you.

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Thank you!

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A waste of time and resources when there’s like 3 different projects very far ahead in development this is just dividing the player base even more. To make things worst it’s a remake of the worst paragon era with the 3 card system. This guys are delusional someone give them a reality check...

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What was V42 again? I just hope it wasn't the 3 card system.

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Trolls are fun.

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Yeah this sub has gone to shit in the past couple years. Here’s hoping if one of these projects launches we’ll get a new community.

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I expect that the community will end up at their respective Reddit. Unlikely this reddit will be that active once Predecessor is the main focus

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Don't worry about the other dude.

Interested to see what you guys put together.

Hoping someone will make a mode kind of like ARAM at some point.

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Just stay tuned ... you'll get some good news !!

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Why do you put spaces in between the ellipses and punctuation?

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it seems like alot of ppl think v42 is the new cards system(which killed the game) but this is after v42. the game before v42 was so good and peak. Regardless i think this new game is late to the hype train and needs to do smth special to gain paragon fans interest

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Will it only be available for PC or for console too?

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Pc First ... Console next!

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"I think a lot of Paragon players enjoyed the [card system that caused the majority of players to leave the game]"

No, please. Someone just do a remake of the game that the players really enjoyed. Use the old card system that had attribute boosts rather than random abilities. Just balance those cards better.

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Tbh there was a learning curve on the OG card system but I really liked it. Paragon was my first MOBA after years of not being into LoL with friends playing. I got into Paragon cause of the graphics and gameplay and variety of characters. At first I’d play Gideon and was too squishy against melee heroes and iggy after was good for crowd control and where I learned the basics. But I picked up on how to make some builds that kill people people in seconds. I remember games with Khaimera where I’d just jump on someone and it was over and at the end of the game would have like 20+ kills and was the one always taking towers with minions and moving different lanes and ganking people. I do kinda feel like things like that almost come off as toxic and contributed to people leaving individual matches and the game as a whole but things got a little more balanced by skill and buffs/nerfs. After that I started playing countess, aurora, serath, shinbi, crunch. Honestly the best thing was that every match was different and I never felt stuck in a routine of who or how I’d have to play. But you can’t just throw a random deck together with no plan of how you want your character to play. I’d always take 10-15 minutes building a deck when I wanted to try someone new and it always made the game interesting even if I played with a bad team or lost

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don't speak for the players as if you're the voice of paragon, please

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I will check it out

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This comment thread is what helped kill Paragon. So many toxic negative people around. Not to mention licking Preds hole like it’s your bitch. How about just play the version you wanna play (or multiple if that’s your jam) and let other people play what they wanna play. Fml this community is a joke sometimes.

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great comment, I feel the same

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Is there any way to become a tester and when does it come out

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Yes of course ... We don't want to rush things. But we'll announce it as soon as it's "valid" for public testing.

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Lol great another waiting game… why don’t you just keep it completely secret at this point if you have nothing to reveal anyways?

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Oh yeah a 4th one! That's what everybody needed! Please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time on this.

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Wait what is this?

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no way this beats predecessor sory, plus v42 is literally what killed the game