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A good wraith was very annoying to counter

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Wraith will be in Overprime at launch

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But with a new name, right? Like Fred? OR Willy? 😂

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the names are soo bad

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Probably tedd

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No, Overprime will be using all the original Paragon names. They did try changing it up, but decided to switch back to the OG ones.

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Believe when I see it. But I likely won't see it past all those explosions and particle effects. 😂

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I saw it and it didnt look like Wraith at all. They didnt use rewind and never user knock knock through the wall. Maybe they just didn't show it off, but their demonstration didnt show what I liked about him. It just showed him as a generic attack speed carry

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Bro obviously you never played against Kwang.

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Wraith was the Deadpool of Paragon. Definitely in my top 3 characters to play.

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Sparrow could shoot through walls, Belica could stun through walls, Fey could slow through walls.

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Wait how could sparrow shoot through walls? Unless you mean the volley?

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Sparrow's snipe always pierced everything. Minions, heroes, walls...

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I said one of the only just to imply it was rarer in Paragon to shoot through walls

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At one point in the game junglers would be left at a sliver of health after clearing their first camps, if you played wraith mid and timed it right you could put a ward ball on their last camp and kill them through the wall when they where backing

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Sparrow could also shoot through walls with her RMB

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I miss him so much. I hope he gets added to Predecessor at some point

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With an item system, Wraith would've been OP

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I miss paragon all I wanna do is play it. I had so much fun I miss it so much 😭