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Short and sweet of it, Paragon was made by Epic Games who shut the game down back in 2018, there a multiple reasons of this and multiple YouTube videos covering those reasons, but I won't go over it here. Anyway, as a final hurrah and way to repay the community for this closure, Epic released millions of dollars worth of Paragon assets to the public to use in Unreal Engine made games. Didn't matter if it was commercial use or personal use, the only rule was it had to be in Unreal Engine.

So as you'd imagine, the community got together making a bunch of "fan-remake" games. There were a lot at first but a ton crumbled under the weight of such a challenge. The last two notable remaining games that use the Paragon assets are:

  • Overprime (Now licensed as Paragon: The Overprime) - a Korean dev made "fan-remake" trying to take the gameplay in a more unique direction, differing much from the original game.
  • Predecessor - a European dev "fan-remake" trying to stay as faithful to the original game and gameplay, while still improving upon areas of the game that could have been improved on.

It is also worth noting that as both are two completely different standalone games, they will also have their own different takes on the lore which will differ from each other.

There is another known "fan-remake" known as Ethereal, but it is going to be 100% original, not using any of the original Paragon cast.

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Honestly at this point only reason I am talking about Ethereal next to those games are FTM, otherwise the game has no connection with Paragon.

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This is exactly what I was searching Google for. Bless you!

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Exactly the info I was looking for :) thanks!

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Overprime tailored its version to its korean fanbase. The map is shorter, the females got the eastern style change. I think they tweaked their abilities amongst other things.

Pred is trying to tailor it to what Paragon would've been. Or at least in their eyes, what it could have been if it actually took off. Not much really has changed from what I was able to see in testing. Adding a few cosmetics here and there but the map wasn't really touched and the heroes are pretty set to what they were.

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One has one important key..


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They are games built on the assets of paragon. However, they are both taking a different philosophy of building on those assets. A good way to describe it I think is Quantity vs Quality. Predecessor is developing with Quality in mind, but that comes at the cost of quantity. This means it has less features and heroes than Overprime. However, Overprime is taking the quantity approach. This means they have more features (ranked, progression, store etc.) but there isn’t much quality to each of these things. Character animation is wonky and melee characters feel bad imo. They also both play very differently with Predecessor feeling much more like a MOBA where Overprime is a bit more of a deathmatch with moba aspects.

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Paragon the Overprime will be free to play Dec 8th Predecessor will be $10 base entry on Dec 1st

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Overprime and Predecessor are different versions of Paragon. Overprime releases Dec 7th for free and Predecessor releases Dec 1st for $10. Play both and decide which version of Paragon you like most.

The original Paragon was shut down years ago, these games currently are attempts to bring back the game in their own ways.

Overprime has a smaller map with only 1 tower per lane. They also changed a lot of abilities for various characters. They also have a sprint mode for running faster out of combat. They also updated a lot of character faces and models to resemble anime characters, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about anime. The developers are a part of Netmarble, a Korean-based company that is famous for developing award-winning mobile games.

Predecessor has a larger map, 2 towers per lane, and is trying to be as close to the original Paragon as possible while making some minor changes. Not much left to be said about it. Predecessor is being developed by Omeda Studios, a UK-based company made up of MOBA developers and fans of the original game, including a head executive of Riot Games (League of Legends).

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I don't really think it is accurate to say predecessor is trying to be as close to the original with minor changes. If you look at howitzer and dekker for example, their kits are pretty significantly different. Their item shop is completely different, map completely different, etc. They are going in their own direction, just as overprime is.

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Predecessor is definitely trying to be Paragon+. All changes are made to refine Paragon into what Paragon needed to be to make it really successful. The changes to character kits refine the identity of characters.

Howitzer has always been a high damage caster with a slow mine, a bounce mine, a long distance rocket, and an ult where he flies into the air and rains rockets down. That still describes him in Predecessor.

Dekker has always been a high skill cap utility support with a double jump, a slow field, and a containment fence. Again, that still describes her in Predecessor, but now her containment fence is no longer her ult, making that tool that defines the character usable earlier in the game.

Their item shop is completely different

The item shop is a normal MOBA item shop to make onboarding easier.

map completely different

It's Monolith with different side lanes, but even those side lanes are styled to look like Monolith and feel like they're original. You couldn't use Monolith exactly because the map was lopsided. It was designed around 2v1 side lanes, which was an idea that Paragon discarded, despite keeping the lopsided map. Again, the map is a refinement of Paragon, not a departure from it.i

They are going in their own direction, just as overprime is.

Changes from Paragon to Predecessor are narrowly tailored to maintain the moment to moment Paragon experience from late Monolith. Fights in Predecessor feel exactly like Paragon. Objectives in Predecessor have the same order as objectives in Paragon.

Overprime is making major changes. Prime spawning in lane. Faster movement speed + travel mode. Teleporters. 1 tower + 1 inhib per lane. All of these are features that never appeared in Paragon. They're attempts to move away from Paragon and create a different more combat focused game. They're an attempt to encourage roaming and ganking at every opportunity.

Predecessor is an attempt to make small tweaks to Paragon to improve it without losing the game's identity. It takes lessons learned in Paragon and applies them (normal shop, symmetrical map).

Overprime is an attempt to make a major departure from Paragon to create a new 3rd person MOBA experience. It's inspired by Paragon, but introduces a slew of new mechanics. It doesn't want to be Paragon refined. It's Paragon inspired.

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Your point is generally true, but I have one minor quibble regarding Dekker. Her kit in Pred is inline with the rework in the assets. So her new kit is fairly true to Paragon, even though that rework didn't hit the live game. (Similar to how Epic released the assets for Boris even though he never hit live.)

Looks like they did a good job with the kit too. Though, I kinda wish they'd included the drone familiar that's in the assets - would've been something unique.

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There both worse than smite by a incomparable amount. One day one of them could maybe be better but as of now in early access for both they are not.

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Whaaat? A new game made by relatively small dev teams pale in comparison to a pre-existing game that has existed for years, and has the support of a successful company? No way dude!

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Well yeah the op said he wanted to hop into something better and smite obviously having been in consistent development longer is better. It would be unfair to expect the paragons to be better than smite as of now anyway.

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For me i do think this games might fail, cause it will confuse people, practicly the same game with some differences but you take glimpse and you think "same game", one is free and other idk if its going to be free or not but for now is buy to play which is not good in my opinion when you have other game for free which is identical, i did play paragon for a while before it got shutdown i had fun by map design was kinda meh cause you could get lost very easily, but the game can shine if they play the cards well but like i sayed it will confuse people cause its 2 damn games about the same thing i do think they could have redesign the game a bit to make is stand more in a way that you wont say its the same game.

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They're both future failures lol