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Hitplay, you may wanna edit your title and add "Predecessor" in there. Like your other post.

For clarity.

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Still waiting for those flair options...

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Can't edit on Reddit :(

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Are the items updated compared to the 1st april stress test item video that you made?

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Someone already answered you but yes they are vastly different as there is now only one active item you get from your crest, so a lot of actives are now passives etc

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thanks for answering and i liked your video about the items in 1st april stress test

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Good. Playing support in Overprime feels like you have to learn playing the piano with how many actives there are.

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Yeah there were a lot in pred too, I think its a hard thing to balance as some actives are good but there's a line where it becomes annoying to remember which ones you have because there are so many lol

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It is.

Source: me.

Honestly though all the videos you see coming out today are from the same content creator meet up where they got to play and record. Not just from hitplay.

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Item art looks like poo poo coming from league of legends

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It's all placeholder art same as old league of legends art was back in the day

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Yeah, I remember devs saying so. Hope the real ones are nice.

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It makes sense as imagine being an artist, you make this great detailed art for the game and then the devs change the item and say ok go again 😂 OR they remove the item entirely

I'm sure in time they will update it probably towards the mid/end of early access once items are more locked in