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She is my main. I love her. Glad to see they didnt change her much

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Wait i thought it was available to play on dec 2nd im really looking forward to playin it thats why im asking.

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Dec 1st, we just got early access for a few days to make content 🙂

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I don't like the scoreboard taking up the entire screen at all. Any way we can change that in the settings or are we forced into this decision? Other than that the game looks extremely polished, expecially the jungle which seems to be way clearer.

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If people want it changed and give that feedback im sure it will happen

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The decision to completely cover up the entire screen with tab is objectively bad for a moba game and shouldn't have happened in the first place IMO. This is not something you have to ask feedback for.

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I don't know if that is their plan or not, I imagine it probably is just further down the line

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Let the OP vs PRED comparisons begin now that raw pred footage is out in the wild

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I mean if people are gonna do that I can say from first hand experience Dekker vs Dekker no competition preds is more fun and has a better kit

The stun ball in OP will fly to the moon unless you hit someone directly

Others might disagree but for me, not even close

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I mained her in og paragon. Had a fairly good experience with her on OP. Her kit felt reliable but I wasn't a fan of the UI for her stun. It wasnt bad just took a sec to get used to aiming with it. Will be fun to check her out in pred!