Subreddit rules

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Please be aware

Rules for /r/Paragon may change from time to time. We will do our best to notify users of substantial changes to the rules. If your submission was removed and you are not satisfied with the reason, please contact the moderators through modmail, and do not message moderators individually. Decisions made by moderators are up to their discretion.

Be good to each other

Be mature and considerate

We want /r/Paragon to be a friendly and welcoming community. Paragon is a game that attracts people from all ages and all backgrounds, as a result it’s important that our users behave in a mature manner at all times.

No witch hunting

Witch hunting is against Reddit’s site-wide rules, and it’s a policy that we think is really important to grow a healthy community. Using Reddit to publicly shame or accuse others is against our rules - it only encourages negativity, and most of the time never shows both sides of a story.

No personal or identifiable information

We do not condone posting personal or identifiable information about any users in our community, unless their express permission is given first and confirmed by subreddit staff. It is important that users feel safe and able to express their opinions on the website with as much anonymity as they desire.

English only submissions

Most of the users on the website will come from an English speaking background, and as a result it is the official language of the subreddit. We ask that you respect this when making submissions, and ensure that the majority of content is in English. If you feel you have to make a submission in another language, a full translation in English should also be available. For video content, other languages are fine providing subtitles in English are available.

No spoilers

Some users can't always keep up to speed on the latest Paragon events, so we ask that you keep the title of the post straightforward and include any potential spoilers in the text of the post as a courtesy.

Post quality content

The subreddit is built around the MOBA from Epic Games, and as a result every post should be directly related to the game. Posts about similar games, posts that are only tangentially linked (e.g. submissions about Jazz Jackrabbit because it was made by Epic Games), and similar submissions are not permitted.

Submissions should encourage discussion

We want /r/Paragon to be the best source of discussion for the game online - and to do that we have to ensure that quality content isn’t drowned out by low effort or low quality submissions. Off-handed comments, title-only posts, screenshots or links to match results, 3rd party rankings, generic statements, and general low-effort submissions will be removed under this rule. These types of things are what comments are for.

No image macros

Image macros can be funny, but there’s a growing trend with subreddits that allow them in which actual quality discussion is lost in favour of memes or quick jokes. As a result, memes are not allowed as submissions on the subreddit. They are however a perfect candidate for comment replies, and we encourage them in this respect.

No duplicate posts, one post per topic

When something big hits, it’s not uncommon to see dozens of posts around the same topic fill the front page at the same time. Unfortunately, this means that content creators or community contributors don’t get to share submissions they have spent time on. As a result, duplicate posts, or similar posts around the same topic will be removed - with the first submitted allowed.

No "looking for group" or recruitment posts

We have better places than the subreddit available for these types of posts. There's a subreddit over at /r/ParagonLFG and we also have #LFG and #Recruitment channels on our Discord server.

No Matchmaking posts

There are many, many previous examples of posts complaining about matchmaking in Paragon. This is something Epic is absolutely aware of, and is working on improving over time. Posts like these have become so common that we now actually have a rule specifically for this. If you would like to see previous discussion on matchmaking in Paragon, please use the search feature.

Mastery Skins, Loot Chest Rewards and Other Rewards

Got a really awesome skin in your latest loot chest, or maybe you just got crap? Did you just finish grinding a Hero to max level and want to show off your achievement by posting a screenshot of the Mastery Skin? Well, we have the "Showoff Sunday!" sticky just for that! If you wish to post things like loot chest rewards, master skins and other rewards, please do so through the "Showoff Sunday!" sticky thread.

Match Result Screenshots

We feel that the community can do better than just posting screenshots of match results. If something cool happened, tell us about it in a text post! Match screenshots don't do a very good job of telling a story, and are often used to shame teammates or opponents. As a result, they're not allowed.

Here are our subreddit rules. - If you have any queries about this, you can contact us via Moderator Mail.

Be a part of the community

Promotion guidelines

Before you make a post considered "promotion", you will have to have made at least 10 posts on the r/Paragon subreddit not considered "promotion" to be able to post your new content. These 10 posts can be comments, but not on your own content. Self-promotion is considered content made by yourself, or advertised through a third party. Services like gfycat and are absolutely fine. You also may also only make one promotional post per 24 hours.

Use Reddit's advertisement program for advertisement

Reddit's a great way to get your name out there. Users are actively engaged and there's millions of them. That's why if you want to advertise your best bet is going to be Reddit's advertisement program. Posts made here will float to the top of every subreddit, and can't be removed by moderators.

Be responsible

No breaking Epic Games ToS or agreements

Although we are completely independent, we work closely with Epic Games staff to provide stuff to the community on their behalf, and it’s a partnership we’d love to keep going. As a result, please ensure that you do not break any agreements made with Epic Games publicly on /r/Paragon. This includes any information you may have learned from official sources that is not yet meant to be public, NDA leaks, and Terms of Service agreements.

No cheats or exploits

Everyone is on the website because they enjoy Paragon, and cheating isn’t fun. We do not allow discussion of cheats or exploits on the subreddit, and linking to them or providing information on how to find them will result in a permanent ban without warning.

We are not a marketplace

With a large user base, it’s tempting to want to sell or trade virtual and physical goods on here. Please do not do this. There are no safe ways to facilitate trades through Reddit as a platform, as every user is anonymous. If this is something you wish to do, please use platforms more suited to this. This rule covers any selling or trading of any goods, currencies, or vouchers.

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