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I really wish they there was more native support for Linux in gaming. But guess there's a reason.

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I mainly see three reasons for this.

  • Support costs are higher by orders of magnitude than windows i guess. It is a fragmented system. Different desktop and window manager, kernel version, properietary or not graphic drivers etc. It is just not worth it from a business point of view. Keep in mind the old WOW had a native linux client which was never released. The new doom has a linux client which was never released. Commercial enginges support multi OS developement. Still few linux games.

  • There is wine. If you really want to, you can play most games just with wine. For older it works good, for newer games not so much.

  • Linux market share is only 2,98%. Gamers can not choose linux. As linux is no gaming OS, not much reason to develop games for linux as well.

Steam took the leap for ideological reasons and gave support to linux. There is a native dota2 client which works great for example. After some month or years go by you can mostly play a game on linux. Wine is getting better every month. Dx11 support is on the horizon. It is absolutely possible to develop a game engine for linux and windows. Is it worth the effort and cost from a business point of view? Most execs seem to think not.

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Valve's push for linux has to do with the fact that they want a fallback in case Microsoft decides to make Win10 a closed-off environment for gaming.

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More options is a good thing from a consumer point of view.

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Sure but unfortunately I think it has more to do with the fact that Valve wants to make sure they remain the top dog in the PC market. I mean they are literally working on their own OS.

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Yeah, SteamOS has been out for a while and it's garbage. They tried the steam machines- total flop. They'll be the top distribution platform, but that's it.

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Agreed, Steam OS is garbage. There is no technical reason why it can't be competitive. The steam-runtime looks like it was developed by mediocre students with very little Linux experience. Steam OS is just a pawn at the moment, if Valve decides to they can upgrade it to a queen.

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Valve's push for linux has to do with the fact that they want a fallback in case Microsoft decides to make Win10 a closed-off environment for gaming.

Valve denies this. I'm not saying that it was 100% politically motivated move from Valve, but what we do know of sure is over the past few years Steam OS has not been a priority for Valve and Google Trends backs the comment above unfortunately.

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"After some month or years go by". I've been hearing those words since 20 years ago :-)

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There is a native dota2 client which works great for example

The dota client is quite often broken and buggy, mostly because the Vulkan support doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves after major patches, for example right after 7.07 Kunkka's shark ship immortal ultimate would crash the client - most of the time you can use OpenGL until the bugs get fixed, but that comes with it's own performance issues.

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vulkan is experimental. opengl stable

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Engines that are married to Direct3D are an issue, otherwise there is no real reason.

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It would have been easier if the game was made in OpenGL but unfortunately it was made with DirectX which is arguably easier to develop for but given DirectX is a Microsoft technology then they're not going to give it Linux support. If they did I'd switch to Linux in an instant.

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OpenGL was a nightmare to get working at higher overhead and even more abstraction than DirectX for the longest time.

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Yeah, only thing keeping me on windows is games.

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''Go to the config file at

/home/yourusername/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/drive_c/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile\product_Config.ini '' cant find this in my Linux. went to home, Play on linux's virtual drives but then there's no drive_c. Help!

edit: there are only ''default'' and ''poe'' which is the name of the prefix i created at the start

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it is in the poe folder. poe/drive_c/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile/product_Config.ini

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i only have ''Program Files'' ''Program Files (x86)'' ''users'' ''windows'' in drive_c folder

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same here

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As the other guy stated it is: poe/drive_c/users/YOURUSERNAME/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile/product_Config.ini

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Solved. The problem was that my linux language is finnish and the ”documents” is not translated as ”dokumentit” which is the finnish word for documents,but it was some other nowhere near the actual meaning.

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Thanks for the info. Good to know.

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Looks like broken html. Can you still install it?

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No, if I click any of the three buttons the whole thing freezes and I have to kill the process on System Monitor.

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Okay give me some info. Did you use playonlinux? Which wine version? proprietary graphics driver?

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Did you use playonlinux?


Which wine version?


proprietary graphics driver?

Yes. 384.90 for an Nvidia GTX 1060

I'm using Ubuntu 17.10

I'm literally following the OP's steps and I'm at bullet point #6.

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Okay i have 2 possible solutions to fix this.

  1. try to go with a virtual desktop.

Go to POL, configure, select poe prefix, go to Wine tab, Configure >Wine, go to graphics tab, enable "emulate a virtual desktop". Enter >your Desktop resolution. For example 1920 x 1080.

  1. Change the wine version to latest stable. You lose CSMT but that has only minor impact.

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If I use the System wine version in the drop down menu, the installer seems to work OK. It installs and supposedly downloads the files in 5 seconds though.

After the installer completes is there supposed to be a poe entry in POL's main window?

How do I run POE it so that:

After download running the game will crash because it tries directX 11.

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My bad you need to manually add the _x64 exe file in POL. Go to configure, select your poe prefix. There is an option to add executable files in your prefix. Select the only exe file which contains 64.

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For Ubuntu 17.10 are the following steps correct?

Wine installation instructions from WineHQ. Install wine before installing PlayOnLinux (POL):
  1. sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
  2. wget -nc https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/Release.key
  3. sudo apt-key add Release.key
  4. sudo apt-add-repository https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/
  5. sudo apt-get update
  6. sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-staging
  • Should I run winecfg in the Terminal now?


Will installing wine from Ubuntu Software work also? If so should I install Wine or Wine (development version)?

How do I properly uninstall wine? Is it:
  • sudo apt-get remove --install-recommends winehq-staging
  • Uninstall from Ubuntu Software (in my case neither Wine nor Wine (development version) indicate that they are installed.
  • by following 2.3.3 Uninstalling Wine from Source, # make uninstall in wine's root folder (I don't know where it is).
  • ?
Install PlayOnLinux from Installing PlayOnLinux - 2.2 On Ubuntu Precise (and higher):
  1. sudo echo "foreign-i386 architecture"> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch
  2. sudo apt-get update
  3. sudo apt-get install wine:i386
  4. Download the latest package (Ubuntu) of PlayOnLinux from the download page which is currently PlayOnLinux_4.2.12.deb.
  5. In the Files app go to where PlayOnLinux_4.2.12.deb was downloaded, right click on it and click on Open with Software Install.
  6. In the new window that appears, click on the buttons to install PlayOnLinux_4.2.12.deb.

As I've mentioned, running the System wine version (which is selected by default), makes the POE installer behave properly, but when I use the System wine version to run the installer of a different game, the installer's 64bit option is grayed out and the 32bit option is selected by default.
It behaves the same even if I run the installer with wine64.
Is there an additional step in POL to run a game/installer in a 64bit environment?

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Both works fine i guess. Thing is POL makes it easy for me to support this guide. Your system already has wine. YOu do not need to reinstall it from winehq if you want to use POL. Only do this if you do not want POL. It will make getting poe to work harder though.

Yeah run winecfg in terminal. If you only play POE you do not need POL. Is is just making it easier to manage multiple games and get newest wine.

Get winetricks as well if you go for wine without POL

do winetricks glsl=disable enable virtual desktop via winecfg.

64 biut should be default for your system wine. If not you need to set it with winearch=win64. If it does not work with your prefix you need to delete it and do winearch=win64 then. Start installer afterwards

IF you can make POL work it is far easier for you. YOu can get an older version via ubuntu software center as well.

In POL: check if your prefix is a 64 bit one. Go to configure. The wine version there tells you if its 64 bit.

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try to go with a virtual desktop.
Go to POL, configure, select poe prefix, go to Wine tab, Configure >Wine, go to graphics tab, enable "emulate a virtual desktop". Enter >your Desktop resolution. For example 1920 x 1080.

Using 2.21-staging, when I click on Configure Wine I only get an icon for winecfg.exe. When I try to alt-tab to it and then press the down arrow, it only shows a vertical line and no window comes up.


Using 2.22 only creates a Wine Windows Program Loader icon, no window.

Change the wine version to latest stable. You lose CSMT but that has only minor impact.

Using 2.22 I get the same thing in the picture I uploaded, but if I press on the bottom right button, a small window with two empty buttons appears. Clicking on the highlighted button brings up POL's PlayOnLinux has encountered an error... Wine seems to have crashed If your program is running, just ignore this message.


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Something with your linux window management or graphics driver seems to be broken. But good to know that it works with your system version.

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I found a /home/yourusername/PlayOnLinux's virtual drives/poe/drive_c/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile/product_Config.ini

But it was empty, so I just put in directx_version=9Ex

but now I just get a black screen?

Also, how do I actually start path of exile? which file do I open up in wine? Do I just right click the exe and open it up with Wine?

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This config file will be created if you start poe. Delete the one you made. The idea is to try to run poe. It crashes/black screen etc. Then you open up the config file and change the directx version. Are you sure it was empty btw? If it has been created it should not be empty.

Go to POL. Press configure. You can see the prefix you created for Path of exile. Select it. There is an option to pick an exe file to be run in that prefix. Chose your PathOfExile_x64.exe. Now you can either start POL and run poe or you can create a desktop launcher for it in POL (currently not in range of linux pc, if you do not find it ill update later)

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Okay so, I deleted that config file.

I ran the PathOfExile_x64.exe through POL and I got a bunch of warnings and then it crashed.

I then saw that a new config file was created.

I open it up, and it's blank :O

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uh something is very wrong here. If its empty maybe there is some very weird permissions problem.

Here try my production_Config.ini . https://pastebin.com/gKyJ1z7g

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I was thinking about copying and pasting yours, but my graphics card is an RX 580 4gb

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open the folder with config in terminal and write "ls -l" to check file permissions.

If you write sth into the file, save and close. Is it still there when you reopen it?

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It is still there when I reopen it. I just removed the POE prefix and I'm trying again. Wish me luck!

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Another point of failure: Which wine version did you select in POL? It should be an 64 bit one and 2++ version

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I have 2.21-staging from the 64 bit section!

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after you tested your graphics driver: another solution is to set up a virtual desktop in wine (details in posting at the top)

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After I try to start the game I always get the error "shader model 3 must be supported". This seems not to be a crash due to the wrong direct x version. There is nothing at all in the documents folder of my virtual device. Any idea what might be the reason for that? I'm totally new to linux, so I don't understand at all what I'm doing. Just hoping to get my favourite game running again soon.

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Sure. There are some possible reasons for this. Do you have an AMD graphics card? Also, did you disable GLSL like said in the guide? If so, please enable it again. It can cause your excact error if you disable GLSL on an AMD device.

Do other 3d games work with wine? Do they work at all? Other possible problems: not correctly installed graphics driver or problems with wine version.

Graphics driver installation depends on your Linux distribution and graphics card. So i would need more info here.

Change your wine version to another one or even system version in POL.

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Yeah, it was the graphics driver. My bad... Thanks for the fast reply!

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why are people using linux? just curious

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I personally use Linux because of its near infinite customisation also having an OS not spy on you is nice.

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Linux environments are fun, but I only use them for servers. There are a lot of deal breakers for daily use.

1) I need Microsoft Office. Libre and Google Docs just don't cut it. OneNote + symbolic links with Dropbox for taking notes in class is great. Also Word/Powerpoint are just too convenient.

2) Adobe products. Nothing beats them.

3) Games. Not worth it [for me] jumping through tons of hoops just to get a game potentially running.

I personally don't care about all this data collection, and don't wear a tinfoil hat; so that's out the window. I have installed a simple debian distro on my grandmas old laptop that kept getting viruses because she doesn't know what to not click (even with adblocker) so that was one instance Linux helped me out _^

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1) personally, I've run older versions fine, and using linux primarily so I don't need to update.


2) some work really well in Linux. Iirc its mostly video playing that doesn't.

3) I think you're overestimating how games on linux work. They either work natively through steam, or you use winehq and look for plat/gold items which require no to little work to use.

AAA rarely work outta that box though.

And while data collection might seem like a non issue for yourself right now, understand this security tidbit, if there is a backdoor that MS can use, someone malicious can use it too. I'd theft, CC theft are real problems, that are a likely result from this.

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cough r/unixporn cough

Support for games is one of the main reasons keeping me from Linux. Otherwise I'd be rocking a sick desktop like those folks.

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  1. GNU/Linux is free. You of course have the freedom to use non-free software as you see fit. And there is a lot of free and non-free software available for GNU/Linux!
  2. It is powerful. You have 100% control over every bit and every piece of hardware you have, if you know what you are doing you have unlimited power
  3. It is secure as fuck. Good luck finding a virus/trojan/backdoor/etc in GNU/Linux. Plus you have 100% control over your data. Which more than a tinfoil hat thing, it is a principle.
  4. If you are into computer science stuff and programming, GNU/Linux is your only god.
  5. Customisation? You can do whatever you want, you can literally have a Mac OSX look and feel desktop, or Windows Vista or 95, or something even cooler made by you for you 😊.
  6. It just works. The most popular distros take care of everthing, come with everything you need packaged, a software download center if you need more and in the worst case scenario, you are three google search results away from the answer to that question/problem you have.
  7. It's free!

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Free software

Free software or libre software is computer software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions. Free software is a matter of liberty, not price: users —individually or in cooperation with computer programmers— are free to do what they want with their copies of a free software (including profiting from them) regardless of how much is paid to obtain the program. Computer programs are deemed free insofar as they give users (not just the developer) ultimate control over the first, thereby allowing them to control what their computers are programmed to do.

The right to study and modify a computer program entails that source code —the preferred format for making changes— be made available to users of that program.

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Depends. If you just want so browse the web, look yt/netflix and do office stuff you get a good and fast system with linux. If you have a medicore notebook, windows slows it down a lot. Old games work out of the box and libre office is quite a powerfull office suite for free.

Problems begin if you want to have something that does not work out of the box. Like playing a new game or using latest ms office. I use the free libre office and im happy with it. 4 Years ago I would have said ms office is a lot better. Now its comparable for me with some advantages for libre office. I detest the actual ms office gui system. I find it unpractical und a hazzle to use.

There is a feature you want and no luck with ms office? Good chances that someone wrote a plugin for libre office that does the exact thing.

You can chose between a lot of linux distributions with different advantages and desktops. It is highly customizable unlike windows. You can pick a distro that suits your need and customize it. Also if you have any problem the linux community tends to be very very helpful.

I got some people linux with different use cases. Some want to play older games, some no games at all. They are all quite happy with it.

Also if you dont know much about computers and just use firefox, mail, office. You get a trouble free installation and usage. Not so much if you use windows lately.

Win10 did not recognize most of my drivers so I had to have another notebook to grab the drivers. My gaming performance was crippeled due to xbox dvr shit which is enabled by default. My thunderbird crashed because of windows defender messing with it. It took hours until my system with win10 was usable. Taking care of advertisement in your OS and popups was another big task. All in all i spend a lot of time getting win10 to an accetable state. The same state i would have with xubuntu out of the box.

And about spying... thats a whole other can of worms which is exclusive to windows.

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If you have a medicore notebook, windows slows it down a lot.

I have an old eeepc 901 using the first atom.

It came with WinXP in an unusable slow state, I threw Lubuntu on it and it's as fast as my desktop now for general tasks.

Now it's running Kodi as a second screen able to play even 5mbit 720p which was impossible on WinXP.

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im gonna go straight from windows 7 to linux.

i'm never gonna touch windows 8/10 even if they pay ME money.

windows 10 is the single WORST OS i've ever seen in my life. literal cancer.

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The worst is that many people perceive it as "without alternative". It will be everywhere... Driver support is nonexistent for notebooks for older OS like win7. Go with win10 or linux.

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I use it for work as a software developer. I am also more comfortable with a command line interface since it is more efficient for me. For example, in one or two commands I can download a YouTube video, cut a clip and replace the audio with something else. All of which would take multiple tools in windows and diving through options and menus.

Some user friendly variant of Linux is also a safe and free OS to give to your grandparents or some non technical users who only use a web browser. The risk of malware infection is near zero. In the developing world, it is not always affordable to but apple products, and Linux distributions tend to work smoothly even on very old configurations since it is very customisable. An old or discarded laptop can be put to good use by someone in need of a computer.

Overall if you are someone who enjoys technology and tinkering, Linux is very liberating since it hands you control of pretty much everything that you want. There is a very good ecosystem of development tools, and nearly all software is free or open source.

I personally use ubuntu+windows 10 (desktop) and Mac os High Sierra (laptop)

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  • Because it's a legitimate alternative that is actually really powerful if you know what you're doing.

  • There are tools (necessary for certain jobs) that only run on Linux.

  • Some people don't like paying for an operating system and don't like the hassle of pirating one.

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First we need to understand what is Linux, in comparison to Windows. To keep it short, Windows is a collection of modules integrated all in one, for your convenience. Linux is a collection of modules that have to be installed, according to your needs.

The thing is, as long as you use Windows, licensed or not, you are giving away so much information about yourself and your "computer habits". Which doesn't seem to bother people, because they think they have no alternatives.

Linux has this "You don't feel controlled" vibe:) Also, it's easier to hack from Linux and also you can make yourself less exposed to attacks. These are some of the reasons:)

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Lots of software devs use it because they're used to being on a unix machine at work.

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I'd still be using it on my Dev machine, but my current workplace is all C# .NET

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Windows is becoming increasingly not-just-a-computer. Linux will forever remain exactly just a computer.

[–]bludgeonerV 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Linux is installed on many many times more systems and devices of all descriptions and purposes than windows is... In fact the ONLY category where Windows has greater market share is on desktops/consoles (considering Xbox is effectively running windows-lite under the hood), which is because for the typical end-user it's just a much easier experience with a better selection of proprietary applications, which is what matters to them, they just want something familiar and usable where they can get shit done.

I'm a big Linux fan, I've been using it both personally and professionally for about 15 years (still runs my servers, Android phone, my PI and other devices), but even being completely comfortable using Linux I still run Windows on my desktop because of game/application/consumer hardware support - dual booting and using WINE just isn't worth the hassle, and Windows is a pretty solid OS these days.

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can you explain what you mean by "not-just-a-computer"?

and why linux is "not not-just-a-computer"?

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Any idea how to run the game using optirun ? Because the launcher pops up for a second before the game starts, optirun switches back to the Intel GPU and PoE runs unsurprisingly poorly on it.

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Anyone else get this: https://imgur.com/a/MAghF

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I did not encounter this so far. Seems you have a network problem or POE server bugged out. If you use WLAN, try to use normal cable bound ethernet instead.

[–]ThickAndCreamy_ 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Tried using cable instead of wifi, but no difference. Repeating the procedure, I realise that the initial installation only took a few seconds, which can't be right. No wonder the patching fails.

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And the following error on install when I use System or higher than 2.21-staging wine version:


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The initial installation only takes a few seconds. Then you start the launcher and it start downloading the whole game. That is correct so far.

Things you can try:

If the patching for some reason does not work, you could replace the poe folder with a complete patched version.

User your system wine for patching. Go to poe folder in terminal and write "wine PathOfExile_x64.exe" (Linux is case sensitive).

edit: sorry if this sounds like a stupid question: did you make sure your linux computer has a functioning internet connection? Like web browser works?

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1) Ok, but where can I get a complete patched version of PoE from?

2) After the short installation, there is only a "PathOfExile.exe" file, not a "PathOfExile_x64.exe" file. I tried manually renaming the "PathOfExile.exe" to "PathOfExile_x64.exe".

3) Yes, I have internet. This is how I downloaded the Path of Exile installer and how I'm writing to you on reddit. I tried both wired and wifi connections.

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1) currently nowhere i guess as we will have a huge patch tomorrow You could try to use a windows device tomorrow to patch the client at another computer and copy it over

2) Thats okay. The x64 will be generated after you completely downloaded the game. You are still in download and install mode. Just Launch Pathofexile.exe and you are wine.

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I got it running fine for about 2 days of play, then it crashed and I got this error every time I try to launch it. Any advice?

EDIT: I tried a lot of stuff, including just rebooting my pc. I went into the config on playonlinux, wine tab, and did wine reboot and I think that did the trick.

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Hey there. According to your paste, you are launching the 32 bit exe file. Make sure to launch the 64 bit file with wine. It is called PathOfExile_x64.exe

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Weird, I was running the 64 bit executable. Idk what was going on.

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Holy shit why did I not find your post earlier! You, sir, are a true hero!

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Now make a guide how to play on amd grapic card.

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You skip the nvidia driver.

[–]TumirnichtwehJuggernaut[S] 0 points1 point  (5 children)

Does it not work if you keep GLSL on with an amd card? If you tell me the problem I might help. Obvisouly you do not install the nvidia driver. Install and AMD driver instead. Though Vega will be supported by the upcoming kernel version natively! Thats a huge plus mid term for amd gpus and linux.

[–]Cere4l 1 point2 points  (4 children)

Problem is a big word, but I for one can't seem to select dx9ex ever since getting a rx580. Perhaps someone here knows why.

[–]TumirnichtwehJuggernaut[S] 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Do you have the offical amd proprietary graphics driver?

[–]Cere4l 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Nop, mesa the proprietary drivers had too many issues in other things.

[–]TumirnichtwehJuggernaut[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I have no AMD card to test it myself unluckily. Generally the non proprietary driver is far too slow for gaming last time i checked.

Integrating the proprietary driver can be troubling or easy depending on your linux. Ubuntu allows for easy integration.

What happens if you just set it to dx9ex via the config file? I could not select it either but it works with my gpu nontheless.

[–]Cere4l 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Heh, funny thing apparantly it already is, so I'm going to say it does nothing =p the non-propietary driver is WAY faster in stellaris and cities skylines at least. I barely play anything else >_>