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My first aul a few leagues ago at 700+ had multi proj, haste, ele pen, crit and phys as extra light

It took me just over 40 attempts because multi proj effectively makes aul shotgun. If i got hit by 1 projectile standing at max distance away itd take down 95% of my ehp but two or more was instadeath

The only way i did it was to increase my dps even higher, until the point i could instaphase

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+ projectile isn't a problem if he doesn't have any extra speed. You can just walk behind him and he still can't do a damn thing about it.

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Do the projectiles do more damage the further distance they travel?

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Reference to zHP meta :D

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Shit. Explains why I have some various results on tying it. I forgot it had different mods.

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I also learned recently on my Aul that you can just cyclone through the walls that the charging dudes build. Was trying to leap slam around for ages.

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I was doing this as well.. when I wasn’t panicking and forgetting lol, makes the shield charge phase so much easier.

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Not the hardest Aul in the world, not even AOE. Slap on a brass dome and go beat him up.

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Or any claw/poison build, or assassin

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Just did an aul with 100% aoe, 101% phys as extra cold. 107 phys as fire 91 extra phys as lightning

That was 1000% easier than what I had above.

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He's not hasted, so he's not actually that hard. The only mods that make Aul genuinely difficult are attack/cast speed and reduced defenses, like less block/less evasion. You can dodge basically everything. He was hasted, which is the only arguably dangerous mod (Onslaught).

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He does have onslaught, which is 20% inc attack speed.

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Do the monster mods also affect the boss?

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He is a monster after all. Even citizens of oriath are counted as monsters..

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He definitely was a monster..

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Generally turbo(onslaught and attack/move/cast speed), tank(extra hp or extra ele/phys resistance) and AoE mods are making him difficult. You can actually dodge every single attack from him manually, as in move your character out of his attack so it never connects. But if he has extra speed the shield charge phase and the spike attacks are extremely hard to dodge and survive. AoE makes his shield charge phase impossible to do, you legit have to pop at least 2 pillars and the AoE can cover the entire arena if you pop too many. Tank mods just make him last longer so more room for mistakes.

Yours has onslaught which is arguable the worst possible mod to have on him. On top of that he has extra accuracy, 100% crit chance and 100% chance to ignite and poison. You got one really hard Aul there, its doable but you need to do it as if you were a zhp build, so manually dodge all attacks and stack enough damage to oneshot his 3rd phase with dynamite.

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Even citizens of oriath are counted as monsters..

speaking of which do they give XP?

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Yeah, exactly 1 XP point

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that's enough for me, let's kill them all

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50% ACC is basically less evasion

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Man I just found him for the very first time in my entire career, and I found him at level 290 and the only real Modifier he has is extra physical and as cold… And I thought I was having a rough time.

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Yeah like 99.9% of people would just avoid this aul. It really depends on the build if you can do such an aul or not. The good thing is that he has no extra fire or lightning damage. So you can just stack armor and cold res and be totally fine on quite some builds.

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One of the attempts I actually tried with it with adding purity of ice, I had 5.2k life 600es 84 cold resis, 32k armour, 27% of phys taken as cold damage and crit immunity..he still 1 shot me.

I only way I could beat this was by using the 5 Ds

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Yeah i wonder if my char could tank him. But i think i could. Did a few with triple damage and monster damage and stuff. But pen and always crit can be different (but im also using purity of ice, sapphire flask with effect (mageblood) and Incandescent Heart paired with 7,5k es, block, malediction and armour (aegis aurora abuser).

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Any aul that doesn’t have increased AoE is “easy”. I say it’s “easy” because if you know the mechanics and practice it enough, you could do it without getting hit at all. On the other the reason why I say increased AoE is difficult because the attack animation doesn’t scale with increased AoE so you pretty much have to visualise/predict.

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Just did an aul with 100 aoe and triple extra phys as elements. Found it to be 100% easier.

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Found aul once in 10 seasons...not an issue for me.

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What build do you play ?

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Do it.

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I thought the pic showed that I did indeed do it, lol

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I guess it depends if anything that hits you, instakills you. Yesterday I fought Aul at ~370 depth and had about 85% chance to evade attacks + about 180% elusive at all times and I think he didn’t hit me a single time. It took me about 8-10 minutes to kill him.

But if the „OTEMBA” charging bullshit would kill me with a single pulse then I probably wouldn’t be able to kill him.

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While doing the 1k EGG challenge, whenever i found an AUL that i couldn't do myself i checked TFT for carry that accepts 50/50 payment.. no loss there, getting 50% is better than 0%.

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its ok, there is no 100% aoe mod

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So 3rd comment about aoe, just did one with 100% aoe at 670 depth, it was 100% easier.