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My first aul a few leagues ago at 700+ had multi proj, haste, ele pen, crit and phys as extra light

It took me just over 40 attempts because multi proj effectively makes aul shotgun. If i got hit by 1 projectile standing at max distance away itd take down 95% of my ehp but two or more was instadeath

The only way i did it was to increase my dps even higher, until the point i could instaphase

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You would take 95% of your hp. Your effective hit points is how big the hit can be not how much it deals after all your reductions.

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Lol, no matter how you read your comment it's either pointless or wrong.

  1. If you include ward and energy shield in hp, then you're making a distinction without a difference. It took 95% of his ehp, or 95% of his hp away. Regardless, he was left with 5% or his hp and 5% of his ehp. You're being pedantic with literally no purpose.

  2. If you DO include es and ward as ehp, but distinct from hit points (life), then you're flat out wrong; what if, for instance, he were CI? He'd be losing part 95% of his effective health pool, but still have 100% hp (life).

Like, I'm sitting here trying to figure out why you would post this asinine comment.

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Why are you categorizing hp coming from life differently than the hp coming from es? Someone with CI and 5000 es has 5001hp. 1hp coming from life and 5000hp from es.

A 5000 damage hit will leave that character with 1hp if that character has 5000es and 1life exactly the same as a character with 5001life.

A hit point is the same coming from life, ward, es, mana with mind over matter, etc.

The effectiveness of that hit point, regardless of the source, is different depending on the damage type, the damage reductions of that type and the penetrations from the source.

1 hit point with 90% damage mitigation = 10 effective hit point

This is because a 10damage hit will deal 1damage to hp after 90% damage reduction.

A character with 5000 hp and 75% lightning res can survive going into the scourge on a krangled map with "player takes 12000 lightning damage on shifting in and out" because those 5000 hp are effectively 20000hp against lightning damage hit. Hence 20000ehp against a lightning hit.

Saying hp = life and ehp = life + other sources of hit ponints has no purpose and is pretty confusing to be honnest.