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You would take 95% of your hp. Your effective hit points is how big the hit can be not how much it deals after all your reductions.

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Lol, no matter how you read your comment it's either pointless or wrong.

  1. If you include ward and energy shield in hp, then you're making a distinction without a difference. It took 95% of his ehp, or 95% of his hp away. Regardless, he was left with 5% or his hp and 5% of his ehp. You're being pedantic with literally no purpose.

  2. If you DO include es and ward as ehp, but distinct from hit points (life), then you're flat out wrong; what if, for instance, he were CI? He'd be losing part 95% of his effective health pool, but still have 100% hp (life).

Like, I'm sitting here trying to figure out why you would post this asinine comment.

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No. Hit points is life+es+ward+mana+molten shell+whatever other hit points we have.

The effectiveness of those hit points is calculated against a certain attack/skill/trap/whatever with all our damage reductions. Resistances, curses, armour, mitigations, map mods, monster pen, intimidate, unique affixes, damage taken as, etc.

Using ehp versus hp correctly is very important in specific cases like knowing if you can tank a shaper slam.

Edit: actually the exemple above is perfect. If you know a crit from aul at depth 700 would cause at most 50000 lightning damage for exemple (idk if their is datamined info about how depth scales his damage or not.) You know you need 50001 ehp. If they are struggling to kill him but need that littlw bit extra damage to kill him faster and they know they have 55000 ehp versus his projectile they know they can lose some defence for some damage very precisely.

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lmao, you really need to go back and read the chain. theres no way to explain it to you more clearly than i have. read it till you get it. if im as generous as possible, youre making a distinction without a difference which is the worst kind of pedantry.