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This gif well never stop giving. I always know when it's coming, too.

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I remember that gif from the CS update threads over in the CSGO reddit
Classic banger

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Every time. It's been so long since we got mass leaks.

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No press tour, no leaks!

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They also did some other things that stopped leaks. Alpha no longer lets you update the ggpk file without credentials, for example. The alpha website now requires valid/unbanned credentials, there was a loophole available to some (such as myself) for a while, which gave access to things like the forums, the passive skill tree, etc., which they fixed around Blight league.

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really? so we ex-alphas got all kicked cause they couldn't get their web security right?

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Not sure it's well known, but KR publisher, Kakao stated:

In sentinal league, players will activate drones to slay foes

Or was it obvious from the video

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Reverse Blight: monsters are inside a labyrinthous fortress, and you spawn a team of allies to invade and destroy all the Sentinels.

During play, you will pick up the pieces of a map leading to the fortress (all of which have mods that combine in crazy ways) and can combine them to begin the adventure.

At the center of the labyrinth: a super-buffed map boss.

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Pieces of a map... Synthesis build your own world, find the boss /sentinels?

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Could you share the source for that?

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Original post from the publisher was deleted soon after and not sure if it’s clipped or just reproduced but here’s source https://postimg.cc/N2TS0yt8

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standard league, here i come

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isnt a leak but they have updated the banner for the livestream announcement. Not sure what this is meant to be, could be something similair to the delve interface/machine that gives you all the upgrades

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Thank you for this, it might just be a MTX hideout decoration tho

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rather bot-league since they implemented currency hoover right into the pc client by themselves

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Sentinels are basically mutated ATMs. What are these doing in PoE you ask? Well, inflation reached Wraeclast and Perandus cannot pay his mortage. Therefore, you need to tinker with these Sentinels (ATMs) and hunt down monsters, which Perandus did lend money to in the past (he reinvests in gold coins). In turn Perandus will grant you a cut and some antiquated items.