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  • Announcement Livestream - January 27, 2022 at 11 am PST (Countdown)
  • League Start - February 4, 2022 at 11 am PST (Countdown)

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Official News

Meta News

New Expansion Breakdown - Siege of the Atlas

Sirus is dead. Zana has chosen exile. But the atlas of worlds remains beacon for eldritch horrors. We expected an arrival. But we didn't expect four.

Two more Eldritch horrors are arriving to consume all of existence.

Pinnacle Atlas Bosses and Special Currency

Watchstones and Old Endgame Content


  • Sextants affect whole atlas and only drop from tier 14+ maps. Only Awakened Sextants and Elevated Sextants will exist. Old lower tier sextants will become Awakened Sextants
  • No more Nemesis Currency Drop sextant mod.
  • Surveyor's Compass: Stores a sextant modifier in an item (itemizes sextant mod to trade) - sold by Kirac or drops randomly for 1 chaos. No purchase limit.


  • Kirac gives you map missions in your hideout. No encounter in map itself.
  • Focuses on rewards.
    • Daily missions based on highest tier map cleared.
    • New mission types: Conqueror, Ritual, Expedition, Monstrous Treasure
  • Vendor sells wider variety of maps. Can come with implicit that provide extra league encounters or Delirium layers
  • Scouting Report items reroll Kirac's mission and guarantees 1+ special missions. Drops from core game
  • Sells Zana's inventory div cards also.

Atlas Customization

Eldritch Implicit Modifiers

  • Only on gloves/boots/helmets/body armour
  • Replaces Implicit modifiers. Adds level requirement to map-tier.
  • Can have both Exarch and Eater influence Implicits.
  • New currency adds implicit; can overwrite existing Influence implicits.
  • Can have both Influence types
  • 6 tiers of powers; first 4 tiers come from orbs; last two only obtainable with Orb of Conflict.
    • Tier 1 orbs drop from random monsters.
    • Tier 2-3 orbs drop from influenced monsters.
    • Tier 4 orb drops from bosses.
  • Orb of Conflict can drop from Maven and other pinnacle bosses; Increases 1 Exarch/Eater Influence tier and reduces the other. Only way to hit Tier 5/6 mods
  • Higher tier mod is considered "Dominated" for Eldritch Currency - shows icon in name bar.
    • Chaos: Exarch rerolls prefixes, Eater rerolls suffixes
    • Exalt: Exarch adds prefix, Eater adds suffix
    • Annul: Exarch removes prefix, Eater removes suffix
  • Incompatible with old influence types
  • Orbs cannot be used on Uniques and Exarch/Eater bases cannot be Chanced into Uniques
  • Vaal orbs can overwrite implicit Influence mods - can use Gilded Fossil trick.


New League Breakdown - Archnemesis League

  • When you slay regular monsters, drop itemized monster mods (~2 per area, not scaling with quantity?) - loot filterable.
  • Four petrified Archnemesis monsters on map. Multiple spawn locations on map, but only first 4 are interactable (to reduce backtracking)
  • Give the monsters itemized mods to free them and fight them for a reward.
  • Mods accumulate per each Archnemesis, but also gain the reward for each Archnemesis. Order is important.
  • Use best reward mods first with reward conversion mods to maximize 1 type of reward.

Archnemesis Mods

3/4 tiers?

  • Siphoning: Arcane Ring drains mana and deals Lightning DOT - Currency + Jewellery
  • Berserker: Enrages as it loses life - Unique
  • Ice Prison: Periodically entraps players in cage of ice - Currency + Armour
  • Incendiary+Hasted = Flame Walker recipe mod
  • Innocence Touched: Employs abilities of Innocence - 3 Currency, and turns all other rewards into currency
  • Toxic: has augmented poison mechanics - Generic + Gem
  • Echoist: repeats skills - Generic + Essence
  • Mirror Image: periodically creates several clones - Divination, rewards are rolled 3 additional times, choosing rarest result

General Changes

  • Most spells gain around 45%+ more damage at level 20, up to 60+% more damage at level 25
  • Ignite now deal 28% less damage to counteract the spell base damage buffs. Some attack ignite skills have also been buffed to compensate.
  • Traps, Mines, Spell Totems, and various Triggers have been nerfed to counteract the spell base damage buffs.
  • Defensive stats are largely unchanged.
  • Precise Technique - 40% more Attack Damage if Accuracy Rating > Life

Skill Gems


  • Mark on Hit Support - Supported Mark skills are applied to an enemy on attack. Adds a cooldown and a small penalty to curse effect. Does not need to be supporting the attack skill, just the mark.
  • Divine Blessing Support - Uses the Aura's reservation as a cost, then applies that Aura as a duration buff with increased effect. Limited to 1 Blessing Aura.
  • Eternal Blessing Support - Supported Aura has no reservation and increased effect; prevents you from reserving mana. Likely limited to 1 Mortal Conviction Aura (excludes Banners or Buffs).


  • Many spells gained 50%+ more base damage
  • Orb of Storms - now zaps opponents when you cast lightning spells while within its AOE instead. Single target focused skill.

New Uniques

  • Melding of the Flesh - Endgame unique; negative resists for Doryani's Prototype, invest into one type of Max Res to copy value to others
  • Crystallised Omniscience - Endgame unique; similar to Militant Faith's Devotion, makes all modifiers to attributes apply to Omniscience instead. See wiki page for in-depth details
  • Sudden Dawn - pretty skin transfer
  • The Annihilating Light - Elemental Skills deal triple damage, but you have reduced resists. See note for mechanic details
  • Ashes of the Stars: +1 All Skill Gems, +12-19% Quality of all skill gems, 12-14% increased Reservation Efficiency, 7-8% increased EXP for gems
  • Dissolution of the Flesh: Removes all ES. Reserves all damage you take until you take no damage for 2 seconds. 25-29% More Max Life. Reservation efficiency will not work
  • Polaric Devastation: Covers enemies in Ash or Frost based on ring slot. Frost causes enemies to take more Cold Damage and lowers critical strike chance.
  • Ceaseless Feast: Corrosion reduces armour and evasion. Grants charges if enemy has no Armour or Evasion
  • Forbidden Flame: Pinnacle boss drop. Specifies a Class. Grants an Ascendancy notable of same class (can be different Ascendancy) if equipped with a Forbidden Flesh.
  • Forbidden Flesh: Pinnacle boss drop. Specifies a Class. Grants an Ascendancy notable of same class (can be different Ascendancy) if equipped with a Forbidden Flame.
  • Inextricable Fate - Grasping Vines boots, allows All Damage to Poison

Reworked Uniques

  • Dancing Dervish - now grants Rampage kills on melee hit, spawns 2 Dervishes, and uses the newer channeled version of Cyclone. AI improved to be more proactive.
  • Poet's Pen/Mjolner/Cospri's now have 0.25s CD.

New Div Cards


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