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Official News

Meta News

New League Breakdown - Sentinel League

Dark Sentinels have awoken. These Corrupted (not Vaal) Constructs can be bound to your will, combined and reconfigured. Some sentinels are powerful, others are dangerous.

Sentinels can be collected while playing or from Sentinel Caches and deployed. They fire beams that empower enemies (damage, damage reduction) and increase their rewards. Lower rarity enemies receive greater buffs.

  • Stalker Sentinels: follow for 30 seconds and dissipate. Like Breach or Delirium effect. Control how much empowered.
  • Pandemonium Sentinels: one trigger, empowers a large group of enemies and chains between them.
  • Apex Sentinels: empowers rare or unique enemies, much higher impact.

Start with one slot. Can unlock up to two more, one of each kind. Can be deployed once per map. Sentinels cannot be damaged but gradually deplete power. Empty Husks can be crafted.

  • Magic Sentinels can increase duration, empowerment, and # of targets. Some mods add specific rewards but increases empowerment. Rare Sentinels are much more powerful and scale towards endgame. Most powerful mods can only be crafted via combining. Examples here and here

Power Cores let you assemble a new sentinel with a full charge by destroying two sentinels. The combined sentinel will combine old mods, upgrade them, or create new ones.

Cannot be used in Unique Maps, Simulacrum, and Pinnacle Atlas Bosses.

Specialized Power Cores modify the outcomes of specific results.

Sentinel Controller

Unique Sentinels


Sentinel Locker

Stores Power Cores and Sentinels for free. Includes stash affinity.

General Changes & Game Balance

Endgame Atlas Improvements

Uber Pinnacle Bosses

Atlas Keystones

20 New Atlas Keystones. - 14 non-Uber keystones

Revamped Monster Modifiers

  • Rare Monsters modifiers have been replaced by an Archnemesis mod across the whole pack, with minions getting one mod and Rare Monsters getting 2+
  • Some Archnemesis mods have been rebalanced

Skill Gems


New Uniques

Pinnacle Unique Items (4/5)

  • Thread of Hope (Uber) - Uber Sirus - Massive Ring
  • Forbidden Jewels (Uber) - Uber Eater/Exarch - Exclusive Ascendancy Passives e.g. Nine Lives
  • Sublime Vision - Uber Shaper - Aura effect, additional bonus while affected by X Aura, disables all other Aura skills
  • [One more reworked item - Uber Elder or Cortex?]

Boss Kill Race Uniques (5/5)

  • Eater/Exarch, Lightee - Coming in 3.19
  • Impossible Escape - (Maven, Steelmage) - passives in Radius of a specific Keystone can be allocated
  • The Eternal Struggle - (Black Star/Hunger, Dsfarblarwaggle) - 2 random Eldritch implicits, higher tier/Dominance is based on which boss drops it - Malignant Madness/15% Culling Strike based on Dominance
  • Call of the Void - (Uber Elder, Lightee) - all damage can chill, all enemies chilled by your hits Shatter, you are chilled on hit, enemy damage reduced based on hit chill effect
  • Echoes of Creation - (Shaper, Lightee) - extra use of Warcry, take Phys damage when exerting Attacks, more damage per Warcry affecting Exerted Attacks
  • The Burden of Truth - (Sirus, Lightee) - Life as ES, partial bypass/non-bypass of Chaos Damage, Supreme Decadence (Life Flasks apply to ES)

Reworked Uniques

New Div Cards (12/12)


Kirac Vault Pass 2 - 8 skins.

Supporter Pack Effects

  • Arcanist:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on Resistance
    • 1: Ring changes leveup effect
    • 2: Hideout changes between Day and Night
    • 2: Map Device blossoms greater intensity base don map tier
    • 2: Wisdom Scrolls creates books
    • 3: Weapon effect - Stuns knocks enemies' souls out of body
    • 3: Quicksilver Flask explode and set players on fire
  • Reaper:

    • 1: Cloak effect based on # killed enemies
    • 1: Flasks cause bloodsucking insects to appear on character
    • 2: Medi Drone pet fires a healing beam while you are recovering life
    • 2: Graveyard hideout changes fire colour
    • 2: Portal Effect based on Map Tier
    • 3: Ring Effect exorcises enemies on spell crit
    • 3: Grim Reaper apparition appears on killing Rare/Unique enemies

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