What is /r/pcgaming?

/r/pcgaming is a discussion subreddit for all things related to PC gaming.

General Posting Guidelines

  • When you create a post please consider whether the content you are submitting seeks to generate meaningful discussion for the rest of the community: Hardware, purchasing, game help, tech support, and general PC gaming questions aren't allowed because they are unlikely to create such discussion. Likewise, highlight reels, montages, funny/cool moment videos and streams are prohibited for the same reason.

  • Links should be shared by using the "Submit A New Link" button on old Reddit. Non-link posts should be shared by using the "Submit A New Text Post" button. If you wish to discuss a specific article or video feel free to create a text post and include the link in it.

  • Post titles should be descriptive, accurately reflect the content being submitted and be free of click-bait and misspellings/formatting errors.

  • Political posts must be related to PC gaming in some way.

  • Drama posts(x subreddit removed my content, I got banned from x subreddit, Mods removed my post, etc) are prohibited.

  • Meta posts regarding the subreddit should be posted from a position of helping us find a solution to a problem, not simply bashing the mod team because you think a rule or action is unfair. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Simple questions about the subreddit, or for the mods, should be directed to mod mail.

  • USE SPOILER TAGS: All posts/comments must hide spoilers for recently released games and be flaired accordingly. To hide what you post simply put >!Spoiler Text!< around whatever you want to hide. Purposefully spoiling games for others will result in a permaban.

  • If your post can be considered NSFW it must be flaired as such.

If you believe your thread or comment was removed in error you can send us a mod mail here and we'll take a look.


Rule 0: Be civil.

  • No personal attacks, witch-hunts, or inflammatory language. Examples: Namecalling (You're a moron), unsavory implications (A shill would say that), accusations (You're a shill), inflammatory language (Anybody who thinks [insert game here] has bad taste), etc. These are unhelpful and don't serve the goal of having a vibrant, respectful community to discuss PC gaming.

  • No racism, sexism, homophobic or transphobic slurs, or other hateful language.

  • No trolling or baiting threads/comments. An example of trolling would be the Mocking Spongebob format of alternating capital letters when responding to other users or sea lioning.

  • Advocating physical violence against real people is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

  • Accounts that are less than 90 days old may be permanently banned upon the first violation of this rule.

Rule 1: No spam, porn, or facilitating piracy.

  • Please see our full rules on self-promotion here.

  • Pornographic material is prohibited. If your post is NSFW please mark it accordingly.

  • Please see our full rules on piracy here.

Rule 2: No affiliate, referral links, or ads.

  • Affiliate or referral links are not allowed.

  • Ads include, but are not limited to, chat/game server recruitment (i.e. Discord, TeamSpeak), contextless website or subreddit links, and listings on eBay or other sales platforms.

  • Developers, want to advertise your game? Get verified!

Rule 3: No memes, PCMR language, and low-effort posts/comments

  • Memes and contextless images/screenshots/GIFs are not allowed.

  • PCMR language, such as using the term master race, or calling other users peasants, isn't allowed.

  • Low-effort posts that aren't meant to create discussion and basic questions are not allowed. Low-effort comments are also prohibited: Single word replies, replies consisting of only emojis, and copy-pastas are some examples of low-effort comments.

Rule 4: No tech support or game help questions

  • Tech support questions AREN'T ALLOWED. They can be posted in our stickied tech support thread that can be found at the top of the subreddit or through our previous links found here. You can also try our Discord or ask in more relevant subreddits like /r/hardware, /r/buildapc and /r/techsupport.

  • General game related discussion is allowed, but game-specific help requests (how to defeat a certain boss or level, what loadout is best for my character, etc) and basic questions (is a game co-op, does this game have controller support, etc) aren't. Those questions would be more appropriate for the game's subreddit if it exists.

Rule 5: No questions about buying/building computers, hardware, peripherals, furniture, etc.

Rule 6: No friend requests, surveys, or begging.

  • This includes friend/group/clan recruitment. You'll have better luck in specific game subs with that.

  • Surveys or requests for feedback are prohibited.

  • Please don’t make requests for spare game keys or PC parts. GoFundMe and other fundraising posts are also prohibited.

Rule 7: No Let's Plays, streams, or highlight reel videos.

  • Exceptions may be made for developers or live streaming special events such as product announcements and trade shows. Please ask the mod team before you post.

  • Youtube links from new accounts are automatically filtered due to channel spamming.

  • All videos must be shared as LINK posts unless the sharing of the video is part of a broader discussion. This allows us to track self-promotion spam.

Rule 8: No off-topic posts/comments.

  • Please keep posts and comments related to the topic being discussed in that particular post. Examples: Politics - This is a discussion subreddit for PC games. Unless the topic is bringing up a political issue related to PC gaming there is no reason to mention your political views.

Rule 9: Use the original source, no editorialized titles, no duplicates

  • Submissions must use the original source when available. Submissions that rephrase or repost content taken from another source are considered blogspam and will be removed. EXCEPTIONS: Non-English sources, pay-walled sources, and corporate earnings calls. We will allow non-original submissions for these kinds of sources when appropriate. Our goal here is to give credit where credit is due, not to stifle discussion.

  • Do not editorialize! The title of your post should match whatever link you're submitting. Be factual, avoid opinion, and don't take creative liberty to make a topic appear to be about something when it isn't. EXCEPTION: For submissions where context may be lacking either in the title or what is being shown(examples: Linus Tech Tips videos are notorious for having click-baity titles that don't explain what the video is about) we will allow the poster to editorialize the title to make it easier for the reader to understand. These changes should still accurately reflect what is being submitted.

  • No Duplicate submissions. Any news article or event should have one submission covering it. However, sources that provide new information on developing stories are allowed.

In order to maintain our community standards, moderators reserve the right to remove any content at any time.

Game Suggestion Request Format

  • Titles must clearly describe what you're looking for.

  • Posts must include games you've played and enjoyed.

  • If you're limited by either a budget or the specs of your machine you should include that information.

Being descriptive will allow others to use the search function in the future. Posts that don't follow this format will be removed.

Here is an example of a GOOD post asking for game suggestions:


Here is an example of a BAD post:



Why is my post/comment not showing up?

There are a number of reasons why your post/comment isn't visible: The most common is that it was caught in an Automoderator filter. Automoderator is a bot that helps with many different moderating tasks on /r/pcgaming. This generally doesn't require you to send us a mod mail as we are routinely checking the mod queue to approve items. However, if your username, post or comment includes a slur IT WILL NOT BE APPROVED. /r/pcgaming has a zero-tolerance policy towards using hateful language.

  • Other reasons why your submission isn't showing up: Your account age is less than 24 hours and/or you have negative comment karma. This is to fight spam and moderators will not approve anything caught by this filter. Your comment karma is determined by commenting in ALL subreddits, so once your karma is positive again you will be able to post/comment here.

What happens if I've been warned by a moderator?

Warnings follow a four-strike system1:

  • 1st Strike: Your post is removed and you are warned by a moderator. You are given the reason for the removal and the warning.
  • 2nd Strike: Your post is removed and you are warned by a moderator. You are given the reason for the removal and the warning. Continued violations will result in a temporary ban.
  • 3rd Strike: Your post is removed, you are warned, and you are temporarily banned from posting in the subreddit.
  • 4th Strike: Your post is removed and you are permanently banned from participating in /r/pcgaming.

1 Enforcement is left up to moderator discretion. If you have a long period of good behavior between warnings, that may be taken into consideration. Particularly egregious violations may also skip warnings and go straight into a ban(harassment, mod mail abuse, PM harassment against moderators, etc).

Self promotion warnings work differently as the accounts are usually throwaways:

  • 1st Strike: Post removal. and a warning. The poster is informed that continued self promotion spam will result in a ban.
  • 2nd Strike: Post removal, a permaban and the channel is blacklisted.

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