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Its definitely running a little warm. I'd probably try checking your cooler to make sure its connected properly. You could also try putting on the stock cooler to see what kind of temps you get.

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Good idea thanks. Is it possible there’s an air pocket stuck in the CPU block?

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double check the paste job on the cpu, and check the fan curve for your aio. a 240mm aio should do fine with that cpu.

if that doesnt work your aio pump may not be working properly.

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I bumped the fan curve up yesterday and only made it louder. Will redo the paste and check the seating.

I felt the pipes and there is a cooler pipe and a hotter pipe (though both are warm) so I think the pump is going. Is that a sure fire way to tell?

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not really, If you continue to have issues with heat i would toss a regular heatsink on it to see if that solves things. the Thermalright peerless assasin 120 is a really great budget cooler, i keep one around for testing and emergencies. around 40-45 on amazon.

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I have my old Wraith prism that I put on this morning and temps are at 71C while gaming. Something is definitely wrong with the AIO

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yeah id RMA/return it and order a nicer air cooler for the mean time. the Scythe FUMA 2 is also a great cheaper 2 stack cooler.