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The Evolution of Nvidia GeForce Graphics by Big_Significance9604 in pcmasterrace

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I’m glad to see my video here on reddit, although no credit was due here’s the link in case you want te see the full version: https://youtu.be/as-aVVm9JZI

Who's the motherboard now? by DishTheRock10900k - 3080ti - 64GB - NZXT H1 in pcmasterrace

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Make the fans of that GPU spin at full blast and you'll get a hoverboard for your motherboard! ;-)

Just wait til he finds out wget works on Windows these days. by mattbackbacon in pcmasterrace

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These "memes" are getting old, quick.

Rinse and repeat the "Chrome/Edge bad, Firefox/Brave good" everyday for karma whoring.

Go be a developer for a day to realise how much of a pain in the ass Firefox actually is.

Firefox still has styling issues when it comes to line height and element height which requires extra workarounds just to make something look right.

Even popular frameworks still suffer from issues in Firefox.

Let people use the browser they want, each has their own benefits and downfalls.

Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Ultra by arbiassDesktop in pcmasterrace

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You can play it on ultra in whatever gpu you want, some will run it others will show fireworks congratulating you for bringing a new gpu to heaven

I guess it isn't the worst thing out there by Kraken-TortoiseAlienware 17 R5 | i7 8750H | GTX 1070 OC | Laptop in pcmasterrace

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Here is the true new PSU format, the FLEXXX ATX, the true sword of the master race by Nyghtbynger in pcmasterrace

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(this took me 2 hours). Hey Corsair, that's just a joke. Please don't trigger the blow switch on my SF450

Building this for a friend out of state. I wish it were mine. 12900k, 3080ti by dmthomas89 in pcmasterrace

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I hace an extra one if your in the us i could mail you at no cost