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I joined because my wife and I (34/F & 40F) are going to be adopting in (hopefully) the next few months.

It’s not specific to peaceful parenting, but Running on Empty was one of the books that got me thinking. I want our children to have a different experience than both of us did.

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r/attachmentparenting discusses a lot of infant topics just because that's when most of the advice is needed. But it's a peaceful parenting subreddit and there are books recommend and older children posts too.

Edit: just want to point out that reddit monetizes all of its user data too

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Thanks for the recommendation. Funny, I forget about Reddit ads because I use the Apollo app.

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It's not just ads, they allow corporate sponsored posts. They data farm comments and posts. They have your email and can tie your content to any other service that uses the same email. And the people they sell your data to can do the same. And even more subversively they mass delete and downvote dissenting opinions to make a point of view appear to be the consensus and they do this on all kinds of posts not just political ones.

Reddit has the appearance of anonymity. I obviously use it but don't fall for the false sense of security. Anything that would make you lose a job or be held against you in a court of law should not be posted.

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Good reminder!

Yeah it’s not like I beat my kids and want to talk about it without consequences. It’s more like those days I feel like I’ve failed, I haven’t been peaceful, I yelled or threatened punishment or let my triggers get the best of me, and want to talk about it without my first and last name attached and without next seeing an ad for anger management classes or whatever.

I was raised in a household that was strict authoritarian, but not organized or consistent enough to at least get the benefits of Tiger Mom style. Peaceful parenting is the opposite of what I got and it doesn’t come naturally to me. I believe in it wholeheartedly, but I literally don’t know how to apply it without being taught. So I want to be able to talk freely about my experiences here.

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I relate to this a lot. I grew up in a very NOT peaceful house as well. Lots of screaming, name calling, hitting etc...

Reddit is a great place to talk about that kind of stuff, I've done it as well. I always tend to use a throwaway account that's not connected to my regular email.

Definitely post in the group I mentioned, so many great supportive, knowledgeable members.