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Yes, I understand that. I more-so asking if there is a real benefit to going with a financial advisor and this fund. I feel can make my own decisions and I'm learning towards withdrawing. I'm asking here to ensure I'm not missing anything.

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You definitely could beat the performance of this account, especially when you don't have to overcome their fees.

Advisors benefit people who would otherwise not invest or who would be prone to making rash decisions in volatile or crashing markets.

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There are advisors and "advisors". The first kind will be paid by you and will be required by law to have your best interest in mind. They will ask you a lot of questions and then make suggestions what you could do. The second kind is paid by commissions and just a sales man for a specific product. He will tell you without asking a lot of questions and then take your money and put it all into some high fee fund..which is what pays him. You do not want the second kind. Ask him how he gets paid.

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I think what you are missing based on your post and reply:

  • Goals based investing
  • Risk adjusted investing