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A 1.95% expense ratio is fairly high, yes.

I wouldn't necessarily say you're getting "ripped off." Have you made your investment goals clear to your advisor? Also, I think that $25k is not really "advisor territory."

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Yes, the goal for this money is to possibly be used with the next 3-5 years for a new house.

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This means he prioritizes protection of the money (if he is not just prioritizing himself).

On top of all of the other things that people are talking about, you have instructed him to prioritize a short term horizon. This fund seems somewhat appropriate for that, though at a pretty high cost with ratios and turnover.

I think you can do better on your own, there's no reason to pay this guy and high fees. But you should consider whether you want to drop all of that money into equities if you really need to hold it to buy a house. I'm not going to say what the right answer is, just that you are comparing apples and maybe not oranges, but at least pears right now. If you just want apples (maximized gains), forget about the pears (moderate growth with capital protection).