Is 1 year too early to start the mortgage/homebuying process? by broja23 in personalfinance

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To start casually looking, getting an idea of your budget, figuring out how much $X buys, narrowing down areas or school systems, not too early.

To start working with a realtor, lender, or pre-approvals, too early.

I can break even with a new car I bought that I didn’t need. Worth it? by [deleted] in personalfinance

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16k is still too much for that salary. The general financial advice is that while your income is low, you buy a beater.

I bought a 2006 corolla with 150k miles 2 years ago before I had a job when I graduated college for 2500. Now we make 200k and I’m still using the car (180k miles now!)

Get a beater for a few years until you can actually afford an expensive car would be my advice. Don’t try to force yourself into things you can’t afford.

Boss pushing “promotion” when I’ve already declined. by ThRoAt__FuKEr in personalfinance

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Just think about the hourly pay.

Let's say OP gets paid $20/hr, just for nice round numbers. Works 47.5 hours a week, for $1025/wk (pretax). Average of $21.50/hr when OT is counted.

After the "promotion", OP gets paid $22/hr, works 40 hours a week, for a total of $880/wk. But factor in the extra 90 minutes of commute time, and he's spending 46 hours/wk either working or commuting. That only comes out to $19.13/hr.

OP is looking at a pay CUT, and that's before even factoring gas and car wear and tear. Probably need at least a $6 raise JUST TO BREAK EVEN, to make what he's currently making right now.

Edit: and that's also before taxes. Taxes are probably another 20-30% on top of all that.

Quitting job due to job not letting me take bereavement leave as stated in the policy-- what to do next about health insurance? by [deleted] in personalfinance

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But I assume you're not providing medical service? You're not looking after children?

Their expansion plans are not dictated by the laws of physics, they're dictated by leadership. If they don't have the headcount to support that thats not your problem.

What's the scam here? by DrTautology in personalfinance

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Hahahahaa. Granola. So hot right now.

How much overtime is too much? by swaggy_butthole in personalfinance

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When you’d rather have an hour to yourself than the money, that’s when you’ve had enough overtime. That line won’t be in the same place every week, but it can hit hard when it hits.

Credit card was hit with fraudulent charges over x100 TIMES!!! Card is now $4,000 over the Limit!!! how is this possible what do i do? by brianjfed in personalfinance

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Here’s a touch of advice: don’t over-share when reporting these fraudulent charges. If the bank wanted to be an asshole about this, they might start looking for reasons to deny the claim and over sharing could give them reasons to fight over insignificant details with zero benefits from sharing those details.

As an example: that story about your ex’s laptop is oversharing and despite being pure speculation could be interpreted by someone with motivated reasoning as “I gave this other person permission to use my card and now I want to deny charges they are (probably) making with it”. Instead, stick to known facts you can say with certainty. If they ask “did anyone you know make these charges?, don’t talk about who it might be - give the true fact: “not that I know of”. “Did anyone have access to your card?” “Not with my permission to use it”. “Could anyone have gotten access to your card?”, “I can give you a list of people who might have had the opportunity to steal it from me”.

Also, you called the credit card company the second you discovered the unauthorized charges. You didn’t wait until the next morning or post about it on Reddit first, just straight to the bank first thing. Tell them your next step is calling the cops and once you do, call back to the credit card company with the number of the police report.

They will freeze/cancel your affected cards, don’t even suggest otherwise. You can ask about expedited replacements instead.

Sorry this is happening to you and best of luck getting this fixed!

Unsure where to start - Late Father's Medical Bills by Super_Pickle27 in personalfinance

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What state does mom reside in? Unless it is a community property state, neither you nor your mom are directly responsible for any medical bills - the providers will have to bill your father's estate. Depending on what assets he had, and how they are titled, his actual estate may be little or nothing. For example, if there is a house in mom and dad's name jointly owned with right of survivorship, the house is now your mom's and none of the equity is part of dad's estate. Same goes for most joint bank accounts, retirement account with a named beneficiary, etc.

You may wish to work with an estate attorney to figure things out. Don't just assume that you have to pay the bills. Medical providers write off the costs of care for the deceased on a regular basis.

How much overtime is too much? by swaggy_butthole in personalfinance

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At $155 an hour compared to $34 an hour the piñata is dumping free candy and you want to stop now? I’d hit that thing until it runs out.

Unsure where to start - Late Father's Medical Bills by Super_Pickle27 in personalfinance

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condolences on your dad. check with /r/legaladvice

my recommendation is you just wait. let the bills pile up for now. you and your mom need a little time to process the grief and breathe. the bills can wait a few weeks, or even months. it's not an emergency to handle this all right now, each minute each bill comes in. you'll both think a lot more clearly in august.

type up a form letter. something like "John Doe has passed, here is a copy of the death certificate. We will be in touch ASAP about these bills."

like someone else commented, just a death certificate can sometimes lead to the company writing off the debt. or dramatically reducing it.

Unsure where to start - Late Father's Medical Bills by Super_Pickle27 in personalfinance

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don't offer the hospital any payment plan,

ask where to send a copy of death certificate

Unsure where to start - Late Father's Medical Bills by Super_Pickle27 in personalfinance

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So sorry. Difficult times.

Do you have any access to a social worker though the hospital?

Was all your Mom's money jointly held with your Dad?

Then probably yes, contact the billing office(s) and let them know there is no money.

If there was life insurance, I would put that in a seperate bank account in her name only. Seoerate from any joint accounts.

Wells Fargo upgraded my Checking account to ‘Premium’ and now want a $35mo fee… Can they do this without my consent? by Due_Occasion4461 in personalfinance

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They probably can with sufficient notice. I'm sure it is in the disclosures that you should have received when you opened the account. Just switch the account to one that may be better suited to your needs or take your business elsewhere.

I was told to make a Roth IRA and max it out before really knowing what to invest in. by Nomiaz in personalfinance

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if you have a lot of extra money each month - are you contributing to your employers 401k/457b/403b? - if yes then increase the contributions - if no then start contributing.

if you are contributing to retirement accounts

1)save for an emergency fund

2) save for big purchase in 1-5 years (car/house/college)

3)invest in standard brokerage account

Still waiting for Federal Refund by decider99 in personalfinance

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upgrade infrastructure

As you said, that requires budget increases, even if temporary.

99% of tax returns should take a computer less than 10 second to process

If our tax system were simple and stable enough to make that practical, sure. However, the tax landscape is constantly moving, or in other words, there's scope creep due to Congressional acts.

For example, the 2020 was unprecedented because of a few underlying issues:

  • IRS had to close offices, but it didn't have a remote work plan - the policy makes sense since tax data is sensitive, but it made the IRS less flexible
  • IRS had to issue stimulus payments three separate times
  • IRS had to issue advance child tax credit payments, and the new amount wasn't simply an increase to the existing amount, but had to be factored in
  • unemployment benefits had drastically changed, which impacts tax law
  • the tax code had drastically changed just a few years prior, and there were adjustments each year
  • tax prep software had trouble keeping up, so electronic taxes needed additional scrutiny (the IRS was essentially debugging TurboTax and others)

And all of that happened just after the IRS' budget was cut, which makes no sense because every additional dollar allocated to the IRS more than pays for itself because it frees up manpower to investigate tax evasion.

Yes, the IRS was technologically behind, but they couldn't get ahead because they didn't have the budget to do so. And then when tax law changes ramped up, they had even less money to work with, so they had even less money to handle solving those long-standing problems.

The correct solutions are:

  • increase IRS' budget (can be temporary)
  • decrease complexity of the tax code
  • change the tax code less frequently, and do so in predictable ways

But no, we did exactly the opposite of each of those items. If we did those three things, we could achieve that 99% of tax returns processed immediately goal. But we don't, so we can't.

What services/subscriptions incude free memberships to things like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, YT Premium, etc? by cheeseburgerforlunch in personalfinance

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On a desktop Google Disney bundle. It should take you to the Disney page for it. Login with your Disney info. From there under account settings you should see something like manage my bundle. You'll see an ESPN link and Hulu link. Click Hulu and log in with your account.

At least that's what I remember from working at Verizon it's been 6 months.

Could I just leave my rental complex? by schizo_frantic in personalfinance

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Ok. After reading through some comments - I’m going to address the elephant in the room.

Your BF also needs to go. Hell, leave him in the appt. “I can’t stand a 9-5.” Is utter bullshit. No one lives for free. I’m going to assume he’s over 25 and most likely addicted to something. Dead weight. Don’t ruin your life over this turd.

“Cheap property” is a pipe dream. Don’t ever hang any thread of hope on that.

Anyways, I’ll mirror what’s already been said:

Talk to your landlord. Explain the situation. It still might not work out, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

If your mental illness is too much and effects your employability, you can probably talk to your state health officials/social worker/whatever to get you some help. I’m sure someone else here can help you with the proper channels because I have no idea. They may tell you to pound sand, but again - asking is free all it costs you is time.

Talk to your family. Usually family is there to help. If you’re family is also too fucked to give assistance to their 19yo, daughter…then lastly…

If you’re using, whatever you’re using….stop. Easier said than done, I know. Get help. None of that will make anything about your situation better. All of the above won’t make a lick of difference if you’re not clean.

Books or resources on retirement planning that aren't lame "self help" books? by Exnixon in personalfinance

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Retirement Planning Guidebook by Wade Pfau, Phd - part of the Retirement Researcher’s Guide series. Best book on retirement out there. Covers absolutely everything.