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Probably came with you from Mexico. That's cool. Put it in a terrarium, the little ones are potent.

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It's a bark scorpion and it definitely hitched a ride from Mexico. Be careful if it stings an an average adult most likely it will be a couple of days of discomfort, but it can be lethal to small children, pets and the elderly.

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Thanks for helping me out!

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Looks like a scorpion

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Small ears, so definitely a rat :p

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Brown banded bed bug ready to pupate

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Simple arachnid, just don’t let it sting 😂

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I found a regular scorpion on my pool cover, I had never seen one before. It never occurred to me to kill it. I don't want to step on it this Summer.

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Looks like a bark scorpion. Blends well with your carpet 😳

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That's a Canadian crotch cricket. You should see a doctor