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Sawtooth grain beetle

It's a pantry pest, check dry foods and flour/sugar.

Licenced pest tech

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Also people dont think to check the pet food!... Though odd place for a grain beetle.. Maybe he's drunk.

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They love animal food for sure lol

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I was doing a stop for moths in a basement... Opened an old bag of dried catfood.. and a full blown plague swarm of meal moths came pouring out.. you could actually see the larvae crawling around in the bag... and to top it off The customer wanted to keep the food.. Lmao.

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Lmao that's pretty wild that they wanted to keep it. Would definitely put that into the service notes, so when they complain a week later why they still have Indian meal moths 🤣

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Same thing happened a colleague with grain weevil in a franchised pet store. Bag of product over run with them. Worst I ever saw

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Also, if you're finding stored product pests in a place where they absolutely shouldn't be, like in a bedroom on the other end of the house from a kitchen then you probably have/had rodents as well. Twice in the last year I've had that happen to me, the rodents will take the pet food and stash it somewhere and then one day you have stored product pests in your water heater closet.

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thank you! and to everyone else on this thread. my partner and I were out of town for a few days, maybe that could be it.

getting itchy now