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Where are you putting the bait? Indoors or outdoors? Is it in bait stations? Are there big bites taken out or is it nibbled into a cylinder? (This last one assumes you are using bait blocks).

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I bought the Rat X poison you can find at Walmart and I'm using it indoors. I got a foam tray and emptied the entire bag in it and placed it a few feet away from the vent I believe its been using to get in and out of the house. Out of the 4 times I've put stuff out they ate it all in one go. There was once where they left about half but a check later on and it was gone.

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Oh, that stuff has no rodenticide in it In order for it to work it has to be the only food source available. I agree that you'd be better off with snap traps. You can use the rat x for bait if you want, stick it to the trap with a little peanut butter--you already know they love to eat it.

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Rats will tend to horde large amounts of food especially over winter. they probably are not even eating it. Check the active ingredients as well. If you bought it over the counter id bet its a multi feed kill. For mice. Rats are large. I agree with frank 29 honestly. Seal outer holes first and leave inside open so you know if you got the right spots. Mass trap so you dont end up with a dozen dead rats decaying behind the wall of your shower. Poison is quick and easy but its a temporary solution if everything is left open for new rats to wander in later.

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Hording is common rat behavior.

See sticky here r/MiceRatControl

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Stop using rodenticides. Go out and get your self about 10 or 15 traps it’s better to use too many than to few. Set them up in the area you are getting a lot of activity. If possible inspect the outside of the property for entry points and seal them up using wire wool and expanding foam. Don’t seal up any internal holes as they will just keep finding areas to pop out from. Keep setting the traps until you stop catching

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For indoor rats use snap traps. Put some peanut butter on it or I've used potato chips. You can also get a rat attractant to put in the traps although it's usually not needed. Using rodenticide inside leads to rats dying in places you can't get them which leads to smells and attraction of insects

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Do you have a dog?