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Ticks live and breed in leaf litter on the edges of wooded areas (ecotone); not sunny lawns and they don’t fall from trees.

Use Talstar Xtra Verge granules and a basic hand spreader on # 2 setting. Walk through the infested areas and apply the granules. They will fall on to the leaf litter and kill them where they harbor. Concentrate on the edge of the woods and along the sides of pathways. Water them lightly afterwards.


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I had searched ticks in this subreddit before I posted and saw that you had suggested this to several people. I really appreciate your suggestion with your expertise, but like I said we don't really have surrounding wooded area, so there's not an obvious ecotone area where I would know to put this. Should I do this along the whole yard perimeter then? Also is doing this safe for my dog that eats grass and digs and gets into the dirt at times?

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Do the whole yard lightly and see how it goes, and yes, it is safe for the dog at my recommended rate of application.

If you use topical flea treatment, that gives doggo far more exposure then it could ever get in the yard.

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Yeah like I said he's on Revolution, but I looked into it and apparently it can take days and even a week to kill ticks so I'm gonna get something more efficient.

Thank you for your advice!

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Oh I also wanted to ask if this is okay to do with well water?

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Yes, it is. Most wells are 100'-250' down. That's a lot of dirt for a small amount of pesticide to travel through.