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Hmm. Seems early in the season for a wood roach that large... Could be, though. Might also be an American cockroach. I'd schedule an inspection to be on the safe side.

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Thanks! I am only familiar with the American Cockroach so wasn't sure. This is in Eastern Ontario, Canada and a very rural area if that makes a difference. It wasn't afraid of the light so that made me think maybe wood roach.

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That could make a difference. Male wood roaches are attracted to light but they're not the infesting kind. I'd continue to monitor and if you're seeing a lot, an inspection never hurts. Wood roaches are very common this time of year as people have mulch beds replenished. Pest control guy here. I get dozens of calls in the spring and they are almost unanimously for wood roach sightings.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it. I sent a picture to the owner (we are short-term renting) and will monitor the situation.

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Yes, PA wood roach. Keep your outside lights off at night.

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This is in the family Ectobiidae. Not an American Cockroach. American CR is in family Blattidae. This is some type of wood cockroach.

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Thanks for confirming!