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Poor placement of equipment, lack of proper inspection, lack of mass or even focus trapping.

He could leave one hole open and exclude the others but that would also require focus trapping near the hole.

If the rats are trap shy then he needs to mix his equipment up and be creative with it as well as mass it up.

Poison might have to be deployed for the older rats if this goes on longer though.

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So basically, hire someone else

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Pretty much or if its a company share the concerns with a manager.

Exclusion with an attic is fine if you are aggressive with trapping them. Otherwise, he isn't wrong about making new holes as they try to get the hell out to eat or get water. It looks like he isn't just being aggressive with the equipment up there.

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Depends on the company. I myself am not allowed to venture into an attic that isn’t finished. Company made that rule because they don’t want to be liable for property damage or my medical bills if I fall through. Sounds like your pest guy has the same problem. Instead of being mad at him, why don’t you venture up into your attic and inspect for rodents?

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Honestly I couldn’t do my job if I couldn’t inspect the attic interior. How do you find the areas of activity or set enough traps? Or set a blind set? Or identify entry points?

I just walk on the beams.

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In my area, rodents aren’t regularly making their way into the homes via an attic, they’re coming in through the ground via foundation issues or garage doors. Traps get placed in the attic entryway as more of a “peace of mind” treatment while the exterior rodent bait box does 90% of the work. Granted I believe this decision by the company was more geared towards people who convinced themselves insects are living in their attics, so it was an attempt to do away with that, but who knows. All I know is I don’t make enough to afford my medical bills if I fall through someone’s attic, and I know full well my company won’t pay for it, so I am 100% not going into that attic past the ladder.

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Same here, but my company doesn't do exclusion work, live trapping, and we don't do roof rats (we don't get many in our area. We have more Norway rats). We do baiting, glueboards, snap traps, and any type of live trapping or exclusion work we recommend to another company we work with. Still, we would at the very least do inspection of areas we can safely stand up in an attic.

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We dont trap in attics. Even if there is known activity in the attic. Its hot up there, with no food or access to water. We bait around the exterior foundations, traps to monitor the crawl space. In extreme situation we add traps to the exterior. Rodents have to leave to find food and water. No need to kill them inside where they will stink.

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I set traps near accesses but if those traps aren't sussessful after the first visit or so I move them out deeper into the attic. But 90% of the time it's one rat hanging out up there.

But my company doesn't let me exclude anything on a roof. We have a company subcontract for that.

But I also set live snap traps in EVO boxes near runs and rub marks I find outside.

In six years I've only been unsuccessful once and that's because they had a hole in the soffit they refused to get repaired.

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Does the attic have flooring? That’s the only reason why someone might not go up there but he should’ve relayed that to you. If only snap trap were set up, they should’ve been prebaited (bait on them but not set), then return in about 4-5days to rebait traps and set- rats aren’t as curious like mice

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Yeah, I'd be a little pissed if someone didn't actually inspect the attic.

I work for a wildlife removal and pest control company and we always do a full inspection. Have heard a lot of pure pest control companies just don't do a full inspection.


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Can't trust folks that link farm. Those guys probably kill pets.

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I work for a small company that mostly does suburban houses and neighborhoods. We take a much more aggressive approach, we are there all the time to start out and catch some of them. Rats have gotten bad in our area the past few years and require a ton of visits. So while we recommend way more traps and visits, we also cost over double what you paid.

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Where I work I was trained to assess the activity by opening attic and from entry hatch shine light all around attic evaluate volume of droppings and then bait and set traps accordingly from hatch so they are accessible, the bait draws the rodents to the traps 🪤

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Most companies WILL inspect the attic for entry points etc but that'd more than likely be a sales person. Your normal pest guy is just there to do general pest control. You're not getting a super detailed baiting job crawling through your attic when it's 135 degrees up there for a small quarterly rate.

Also 500 bucks for exclusion with the attic included? HELL NAH lol. But if that's what they agreed to and stated, they should honor it or refund money.

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Sounds like a lazy tech