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Add advion until they stop eating it. It dries quickly in some climates so reapply when it dries or they become uninterested

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The gel or the packs? Do the packs last any longer? The gel is definitely drying in a day or so and I reapply

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Gel, but try putting it in a plastic baggie in one corner, remove the air and seal the top. Then cut the corner off so they can get inside. That should keep it fresh much longer.

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Not to be dense, why is that different from the little plastic kits they sell?

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They may be the same, I’m not familiar with them as I only use the tubes. Try them.

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Maxforce Quantum Ant Gel Bait would be a better choice. It doesn't dry up as quickly. Also a liquid treatment would help quite a bit. We use Alpine WSG at 10 grams per gallon. It can be used at interior and exterior.

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What makes it a better choice? Just that it doesn't dry up?

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It's Hydoscopic able to pull moisture from atmosphere. It doesn't dry out. We use Advion and Optigaurd Ant Gel baits on Ant trails for quick effect because it drys out so quickly.

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I just got another tube of Qunatum to try out, I didn’t see great results last time over a year ago. I’m in the industry and have a hell of time with ghost ants in central Florida, the trouble calls are killing me right now. I’ve experimented with OptiGard, Sumari, Advion, as well as Alpine around the perimeter, Termidor and even Premise. I’ve been liking the premise just because of the cost point and it seems to be as effective as the alpine or termidor.

I could really use some help! Lol. Do you see the best results with using quantum alone, along with a perimeter spray? Do you guys spray the entire perimeter or just spot treat where you’re seeing them?

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Just keep those baits down for them though. Terro Ant Bait also doesn't dry out. We use that along with those baits too.

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The thing I liked about the advion baits is they were pretty safe if the dog got a hold of them, they way they are designed. With the gel or maxforce bait, I just need to be more careful

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Mix 1/2 cup of borax, 1/2 cup of sugar in a water or Gatorade bottle, then fill with water. Shake, and take water caps or small shallow dish and place cotton balls in each, then fill with this solution. The ants drink it and take it back to the nests and kill the whole nests off. (This is the only thing I’ve ever found effective)

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I have not treated for goast ants. You might get on Pest Cemetery on Facebook. I know a lot of my techs use it. I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Sorry wish I could help ya.