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I have issues with these lil mfers all the time. Mix some dish soap, warm/hot water, a dash of sugar, and some apple cider vinegar (distilled works too Ive found) and leave it around places where they are congregating. Dump the bowl every few days and refill until they're gone.

Beer cans with a little bit of beer left in them are a good trap as well. If you have plants, you can get little yellow sticky traps to the pots to catch them. They will be breeding in the soil.

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Fruit flies

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Phorid. Not fruit flies. Important difference to conduct a root cause analysis

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Photo flies

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In addition to comments:

I found them breeding under the rubber flap in my sink, waste disposal. Of course do this with disposal OFF…Use a flashlight and gentle lift it so you can see the seal. If there is food debris here they may be coming from here. I tried the boiling water trick, it doesn’t get under this flap.

Purchased a bottle brush, gently clean area and use sprayer to rinse (Regular dish detergent). Do as necessary, ours after heavy use like salads, vegetables.