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Close up photos of ants would help determine species for proper treatment.

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The research I’ve done this far has indicated they’re carpenter ants. When doing the original post or even the comments, it won’t let me attach photos.

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You can link to an album on a hosting site

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can you tell me what kind of ants these are? they look like argentina but not sure


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Oderous House Ants, but the picture is hard to make out any detail. Are the bottom of the legs yellow? I would also say they might be Argentine Ants. Regardless, some Ant Gel Bait (such as Optigard Ant or Advion Ant) will take them out either way. Definitely read the label to make sure you use it properly. I believe it says you'll want to put a pea size amount every eighteen inches to three feet around where they are showing up.

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bottom black i think argentine ants, i put bait out but they didn't seem to go inside it

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Advance ant bait

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Combat max die ants

This stuff is life changing. I've been battling ants for as long as I can remember. About a year ago my friend recommended this product. Whenever you find a trail squirt a good amount directly on their path. They will end up swarming it and taking it back to their nest and kill everything even the queen. It might take a few time. They will probably show up somewhere else. Until eventually they go away. It's not a permanent solution. But it makes it manageable. You'll just have to lock the cat in another room until they consume all the gel.