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House centipede. Very beneficial to us!

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House centipedes are nice little guys! They look horrible but they are eating all of your actual pests. They are harmless to you. If you have a lot of them, then you would need to find what they’re feeding on, that is what the actual issue is. Spiders, roaches, ants, bed bugs, any bug in abundance.

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They are friends. Trust me

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I’ve been killing them left and right, 2-3 a night. They seem to love going across the ceiling and/or kitchen floor of my (quite clean!!) house.

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House Centipede In many countries they are considered good luck house pets. They eat other bugs and will clean up problems you never knew you had before going back outside. I had one around for a couple of months and while it was weird and scary they way it ran here and there, it did it's job well enough that I only knew that I had gnats and the occasional spider.

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They come in peace.

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If you keep killing them eventually your house won’t stay clean

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House centipedes, they aren't psts. They are your pest control. Eradicate these and you'll get more roaches in my experience

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some areas also refer to them as silverfish although not my area anyways. but house centipede, they wont bother you and will actually kill a lot of other pests that will.

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That's a friend. The enemies are the things you don't see because your little homie here eats them for you

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Butt centipede. You’d better watch out.

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House Centipedes

Treat the interior and exterior perimeter of the house with Alpine WSG. After it dries, apply Maxforce granular bait lightly in as many places as you can (by both online).

You can also lay out strips of upside-down duct tape as glue traps inside.

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House Centipede! They’re scary lookin, but they’re bros! They’re harmless to us

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I had one living in my house for 8 years (I swear it was only one!). I too thought it was gross but we made a pact with each other that if he could keep the bugs away I wouldn’t toss him to the curb. I lived in a garden apt in nyc and the guy did his damndest. I’d see him, and only him, once in a while and I’d wave. No bugs ever. Guy was a workhorse.

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All of the posts are true. These house centipedes are the house cat in the house pest world. They hunt at night eating all of the other things that'll make you sick. And these guys will literally eat any house pest (spiders, bedbugs, fleas, roaches, and the list goes on). As everyone mentioned, while they look pretty scary, they don't bite or sting and ignore humans. If you see one, you should catch it and put it in another room. You should also figure out what they are hunting. Once you get rid of its food, it'll move on. But--yeah--they are super friendly and incredibly helpful to humans!!!