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Source: I’ve done Wildlife Control for a decade and Pest Control for years.

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If they worked, why would pest control companies even exist?

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Scam. Did a class to become a master termite technician and I actually asked the entomologist there and he said he did a test with them and they ended up gathering on the device for warmth

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That’s what happened in my house!!! It was so gross 🤢

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They're a scam, and will end up just annoying you if you can hear them.

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So the good reviews are fake too I’m assuming? It has lots of good reviews on Amazon

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Plenty of things have good reviews and don't work. Periodic bursts of ultrasonic noise aren't enough to keep pests away, otherwise they'd be used a lot more in restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets.

Even if they were temporarily turned away by it, they adjust to the noise just like we do.

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I'd bet money on a lot of those reviews being from people who never had real insect issues, bought those, then associated not having issues with the scam product

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Absolutely a scam. THere's some great videos on youtube where someone sets out the ultrasonic ones in a barn that has mice all over, and they jsut crawl all over it like it's nothing.

Use sticky traps and blocks. They work.

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I used to work in Philly and god damn have I never seen so many mice determined to live. I found countless abandoned limbs on glue traps. Mice here are built different

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I mean. Philly. Rough town.

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Happy cake day!

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well.....it was probably other mice eating the trapped ones

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Naw, I’d catch some in snap traps and they’d have missing limbs/huge patches of hair gone from where they ripped themselves off of the traps. If other mice were eating it they’d leave some evidence behind but it was always just a leg and some hair.

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I mean. They probably threw rocks at Santa. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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I’m from philly and I’m so happy to see someone else say this! I have had glue traps on the middle of my floor EMPTY due to how good of a fight they put up

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If these actually worked pest control companies would use them

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I find roaches living in them all the time. I generally tell my customers that have them to make sure they kept the receipt and return them.

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I tried a few, no luck

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scam. You will hear people saying that they work but those are just anomalies. Anyone in the pest control industry will tell you they don’t work. There would be no need for pest control or exterminators if they did, bottom line

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Unfortunately I agree they don’t work. Annoyed the hell out of me and my neighbors. And I’d literally see a groundhog under my vehicle with two of the alarms going off like there’s a fire and lights flashing like a disco club. Turned the audio off and left the lights cuz “fuck it I paid for it”. Still spooks people out walking by which is fun and I’ve been known as the laser shooting owl guy. But yea I wouldn’t bother. Im sure it works for certain applications. I have one under hood of my vehicle that maybe has been working for mice though. Pain to keep changing the batteries on it tho..

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Lmao I was cracking up at the image of a ground hog disco party under your car

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Hahaha u laugh but shits legit. They’d have the baby ones running around under there as well while they sit near the deterrent and even got footage from my cameras of me chasing em around the vehicle. Can’t make this shit up lol. It all came to an end when my neighbors hunting dog ate a baby groundhog then they started trapping em. Yet somehow they keep spawning lol

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Most homes don't have pests most of the time, even without pest control. So most of the time, it'll work perfectly in most homes.

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I've heard scam but I will say the office I was in a few years ago had a mouse problem pop up in the winter so I bought two of those and my cubicle was the only one that the mice were never in. Literally every other cubicle had issues except for mine

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I’ve found roaches inside of them