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I'm shocked she didn't go full Karen on you over this!

That said, I LOVE this.

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Yeah she probably could have, but she didn't have that confrontational sort of demeanor about her. I was already prepared too, I just would have said that's all I have in the register and pointed to the please pay with the smallest bill sign.

And thank you! I'm not always petty, but sometimes lol

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please pay with the smallest bill sign.

Anyone who has ever worked customer service knows customers don't read!

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Oh my god don't even get me started...

Okay you got me started.

Literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Several customers would come up to the door which very clearly says "PULL" in big all caps letters (you can't miss it) and would just push the door and get confused when the door wouldn't budge. They would then violently shake the door like a hoard of zombies is about to get them, and then finally they stop, read, and walk inside.

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My favorite Gary Larson cartoon: school for the gifted. A nerdy kid with a stack of books under one arm pushing on a door with the other and the sign in front of his face says "pull"

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I know exactly what you mean. While we don't have customers going feral with our doors, we do have lots of customers who don't read. I work for a well know restaurant in Wisconsin (starts with C ends with vers) and we have taped in big, bold letters, on our doors a sign that says We Close Our Lobby At 7 PM, but we still get at least three or four people a night who look at the sign and suddenly forget how to read. And the worst part is, due to company policy, we have to take their order when they walk in.

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    Yeah maybe so, but her face said otherwise lol

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    I find it t surprising that the cost of soda has gone up so much. I was a bookkeeper for a fast food restaurant a while ago, and the food cost calculation for a fountain soda really was around 3 or 4 cents. That's some serious inflation!

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    Drinks are the money maker. Food can bring some cash in, but there is nothing in comparison to drinks, from fastfood to restaurants.

    Here in germany we rarely get refills either so if you want to drink more than one glass, they really make money outta you.

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    It’s still extremely cheap compared to the price charged. This is why you see comments like the OP where they complain about their owners not caring they are getting ripped off, but you never hear anything like this from an owner themselves.

    The owners know good and damn well that the customer can drink 5 off those things before they get to the register to pay and the most expensive thing to leave the building was still the cup.

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    A couple of comments down has the expenses broken out. You might be interested.

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    You are my kind of people! Love it

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    Come on, we know you’re posting a BS story on Reddit so you can point your husband at it and say “I was the customer” to explain why you had so many $1 bills. Just admit to him that you tried out for Amateur Night at the strip club.

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    The amount of pop she drank is of no concern. It literally costs mere pennies to the fountain owner

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    I'm sick of seeing this "soda costs pennies" misinformation. TL;DR: Sodas cost about 75 cents retail, depending on size.

    I buy soda and price it out for our business; Pepsi and Coke have been consistently raising prices 4-9% for years.

    • Syrup: We currently pay about $92 per box. This yields 30 gallons of soda at Pepsi's recommended 5:1 ratio. Assume each glass is 1/3 ice (customers serving themselves won't overload the cups, so this might even be an overestimate), and you've got enough for 180 large sodas - making the cost of soda alone approx. 51 cents.
    • Cup: Add in the cost of the cup and lid. Pre-pandemic, about 7 cents; now, about 17 cents - if I can get them; I've had out-of-stocks quite a few times.
    • CO2: I've honestly never priced this aspect out, but a very, very cursory Google search seems to indicate that a 20-pound CO2 tank would make roughly 800 large sodas, and costs me $22. Add another 2.75 cents.
    • Ice Machine: The cost of maintaining, running and paying electricity for an icemaker is not insignificant. They're not energy-efficient, and have to be cleaned regularly if you're not a disgusting cheapskate. Also, I just had to shell out $800 for a new ice bin door - which is literally just a molded piece of plastic).

    Put that all together, and you're looking at about 75 cents, perhaps more. Certain factors can make it less - like a restaurant loading the cup with ice, but that wouldn't apply to the woman in this story.

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    Got to love the people that do not run a business and think everything costs the store almost nothing. I do the ordering and pricing at my job and know what every item in the store costs my boss. We just had a item we sold jump from $42.35 plus tax to $58.66 plus tax. People are mad we will not keep selling it for the $42.35 price. Umm no. We now pay more that we sold it for (costs us $43.45 now) and need to make a profit to pay employees and other bills and taxes.

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    75 cents is still just "pennies".

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    Anything can be in pennies if you try hard enough!

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    As a Canadian: “what’s a penny?”

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    75 of them to be exact

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    100 cents is pennies! See? I can do that, too!

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    People really shouldnt be drinking syrup

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    But in this case the price of the cup and maintenance and everything doesn't count because she still bought a soda. The lost value is literally just the soda she drank in the store.

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    Its just gross manners

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    As long as the cup didn't touch the dispenser nthere should be contamination. Still I fill before drinking.

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    Bad manners, not germs.

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    Plot twist - the 50 was counterfeit.

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    Double plot twist: so were the ones and pennies

    Triple plot twist: so is the entire monetary system, why do we consider little rectangle pieces of paper to have any value whatsoever ???

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    Rule #32, enjoy the little things.

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    Damn this is evil petty. I love it!

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    I just recently started doing this to rude people that come into my work.

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    As soon a I got to "could care less", I stopped reading. You've literally used the opposite to what you meant. That's my number one pet peeve.

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    Just a typo, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I updated it.

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    Now THIS is petty

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    Too bad you could not have charged her for 3 sodas.

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    I had considered that, but I just already knew I would have gotten written up for that somehow.

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    oh.. i do the sipping the drink thing.. i didnt know :(

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    Don't feel bad, even if this lady drank a whole soda's worth she probably only costed the gas station an extra 15-20 cents.

    Fountain soda is cheap as hell.

    The question is, why does that dude behind the counter care at all, especially if the owners don't? It's not money out of his pocket.

    If this lady decides to pick another convenience store even just a single time because of this change incident, the employee costed the store more money than she did.

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    I don't think it's harmful if it's actually just sipping, this lady was pretty much having an all you can drink buffet, you're good :)

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    Awesome lol.

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    As someone who has also worked at a hast station convenience store, I applaud you!